I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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  1. We are utterly and completely controlled. People who think they have it all figured out or who think they are somehow immune to being controlled are especially vulnerable. The system has you, it has me. We are all controlled and manipulated down to our very thought processes. The government tells the media what to focus on. It uses television programs, commercials, and news programs to manipulate us. They know exactly what we watch and when we watch it. They can craft their devices to appeal to what they have determined we want. Yes, they determine what we want. It isn't the other way around. They can tell what we're thinking as a populace based on the data they gather.

    They can scare us into a way of thinking through collapsing the economy, causing natural disasters or fake/planned/simulated terrorist attacks and they cover these topics almost to the exclusion of all others until the populace is thoroughly terrified. Then they produce shows to make us focus on what we don't have. Have you noticed the amount of entertainment shows that have cropped up that focus on money lately? Have you noticed that before 9/11 there were a ton of terrorist plot shows and movies? Have you noticed now the push for 2012 theories and alien/paranormal shows that are airing in abundance now?

    Even the people who don't watch TV are affected by it. People take what their friends and family say and do into consideration. Whether you know it or not, the things people you care about are watching are affecting you in subtle ways. The scare tactics trickle down through our social system. Some things are already so firmly established that saying anything like what I'm saying now and will be saying is considered "crazy" by many. People are trained to have a closed mind! Look out for what is actually being said in commercials and shows. Consider why they choose some wordings over others. There are so many ingenious yet subtle devices being used.

    Even our own language is used against us. Some words have double meanings for the purpose of clouding language. To make it difficult to oppose the system. Read George Orwell's 1984 and you'll know exactly what I mean. Look at that, the word "mean." It has two very different meanings. Coincidence? Look at all of your sentences and think about how the words are crafted to make it difficult to articulate thoughts against the system. It is very difficult to analyze a language using only that language as a tool. Think about this.

    Not only do they control what we think through what we watch and through our friends and family, they control what we consume! Fluoride! The biggest prank of all. Look it up. We need it in our water, in our FOOD to keep our teeth healthy!? On top of the mouthwash, the floss and the fluoride fluoride sludge we use? Right! Of course we do! It certainly can't be something placed in our water supply (Something each and every single one of us use every single day) for any devious purpose! This shit gets into everything we consume. Our vegetables, our livestock, our juice, our soda, even most bottled "pure" water contains fluoride! Some companies even add more! Look up how toxic that is. Find out exactly what that shit does to our brains and bones. Look up what it does to babies. It's absurd that we allow this to happen!

    What about the FDA? They control everything we consume and they are paid to keep the beneficial things illegal so other companies can make more money off of us. There are so many things that are illegal that shouldn't be! Do some research, please! This is an outrage. How can we stand to be ruled by a self interested organization? We let them decide what we're allowed to consume? They are paid by companies who want to make a profit off of us! It just doesn't make any sense.

    Even the government is a self interested COMPANY. They are a corporation. We are here to feed it. They will keep us ignorant for as long as they can to remain what they are today. They control our lives completely and we do not even realize it. There is so much they don't tell us. We don't even question the government or the way it is run. Our democracy is run by a few hundred people who are all susceptible to bribes and self-interested motives and we don't seem to think there is anything wrong with it. Those who do don't even know how to oppose it. They have us fighting with ourselves, bickering and arguing about two main democratic parties when they're both a part of the whole. Neither side matters, no political parties matter. It's all a sham devised to make us fight and think we're making a difference when we're just playing with what they want.

    The only thing I know we must do is get ANGRY. We are being controlled. We are being frightened and cornered. We are being harvested for work and for money. We need to get angry. GET MAD. It is not okay to treat human beings this way! We are sentient beings with rights! It is not okay to willfully keep the majority ignorant for superficial gains. This needs to stop. We need to collectively stand together and say WE'RE MAD AS HELL AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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  2. I agree with some of the stuff you've said. To an extent, the media and goverment influence and control us. But at the end of the day I ultimately choose what I do :smoke:
  3. Many people are not so lucky. If anything is to be taken from what I said, I wish for people to just think critically about their behavior and actions, how those actions affect others and how others affect their own actions.

  4. Yeah I'm mad. I'm not going to take it anymore.
  5. People are fucked up, why would a congregation of people be any different, not to say that our government is as cunning and deceptive as you think, we have more freedom in the US then most other countries have. I mean fuck, the majority of police in the UK don't even need to carry firearms.
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    Considering that our viewing habits are recorded in enough detail that we can accurately be modeled in computer simulations that predict what kind of advertising we're receptive to as well as to be able to predict accurately what we like in our television programs, I don't think what I've said is a stretch.

    From that data and the data obtained through consumer purchases as well as information we willingly give away for discounts combined with tracking data obtained through our phones and rfid chips implanted in our tires and licenses, I find it easy to believe we are sheep being led by the government. They're not going to make it obvious that they're controlling us. That would undermine their ability to control us because of our need to feel free. No, they will use other tactics described above to control us.

    I don't call us sheep in a derogatory sense. We are sheep because we are unwittingly being deceived. It is unfortunate but true. I hope that people will realize this and wake up and get angry. Any action caused solely from ourselves is an opposition to the system that controls us. That is why I encourage critical thinking and self awareness above all else. We have rights, let us enact them.
  7. Don't get mad, get educated.

  8. Being curious and critical of things around me implies that I'm not educated? It sounds like "education" has done a good job on you if that is what you imply.
  9. It's not, but IMO your essay does more complaining than anything.

    EDIT: I say get educated (indirectly) because other than anger, you become less biased.
  10. In my opinion, there is a difference between complaining and alerting those who will listen of what is happening around them and encouraging them to think about how everything works.

    Edit: I used examples, so I suppose what I said can be considered complaining from some points of view.
  11. Look, I think a lot of what you're saying is valid, about the government being out for itself, about the un-constructiveness of bickering with each other, etc. but I think you're confusing the lines between bringing premeditated events to pass and simply taking advantage of political opportunity. They're both bad, don't get me wrong, but the former makes the government out to be a lot smarter and a lot more evil than I think they are in reality.

    The media, for example, is practically under direct control of the masses. The masses want violence, sex, and general excess in their television so there, they have it. The masses eat up reporting on sensational events, on "Top 10 New Things to be Afraid of" kind of shit, so of course they get that too.

    As far as the economic collapse being intentionally created by the powers at be, I think that's a load of horseshit. Negligence, lobbyist-funded negligence even, played a huge role, but that's the extent of it. It is not good for a politician for their constituency to become poorer; their position of power becomes threatened.

    Fluoride in the water supply is something I'm tired of hearing about. Is it effective in reducing cavities? I've seen studies that suggest not really, no. But do you think the tap water in Washington D.C is so different from that in New York City or Los Angeles? Do you think congressmen get their vegetables and fruits from special farms and orchards that use unadulterated water? It's like hemp prohibition - a vestigial legislative act that doesn't have enough people giving a shit one way or the other for it to be repealed. Drinking tap water is certainly not going to curtail your life as much as drinking soda, I'm sure of that much.

    Passion for change is good but I honestly feel that the whole "the government is a bunch of malicious, satanic overlords" attitude is really unconstructive at best.

  12. A lot of what I said hinges on whether or not you believe the government, or people very high up in political and economical circles of power, are capable of influencing the economy and top media heads. I believe that they can based upon what I've observed in this country and based on the events happening in others as well as historical precedents.

    The problem with what I say is that it comes off as conspiracy theory nonsense. I recognize that which is why I want to emphasize critical thinking and self awareness in the hope that some of what I say resonates with people and encourages them to seek out answers from many different sources to reach truth and real freedom.

    Freedom starts with us opening up our minds and throwing away the garbage we've been fed. The effect will trickle upwards and we will no longer be controlled.
  13. Humans are naturally "herd" animals. At our core we want to belong to a community.

    This is the reason why it seems that most people conform, are being controlled, and are willing to accept it.

    I don't believe in a big government conspiracy, its simply not functional enough to do that. Marketing has worked on a basic human psychology that we all have. We have also begun to start questioning those who ask questions. Politicians have created a "us vs. them" mentality where we are all really in the same boat. Labeling people "liberal" or "socialist" or "nazi's" or "stupid rednecks", etc all lead to these problems.

    If you want to change thing, pick one thing that is against the grain and stick with it. For many folks here I assume that means marijuana use and cultivation. Thats a good start, as most of the propaganda is false, and usually blatantly so.

    But to create this little doubt in the all knowing "government" you must also conform to all other aspects of life.

    Own a home, have kids, get a good job, pay your taxes, don't break any other laws. Imagine a father of two who smokes a bowl from time to time, grows three or four plants for personal use, and is a model citizen in each and every other way. Never buy or sell pot to anyone, use your own, for your own needs, etc.

    The best way to change a complex system is to change it from within, not to blatantly yell you're mad, not to oppose everything that society represents, and definitely not to be an idiot and be a drag on society.

    The stereotypical marijuana user is a punk who uses drugs all the time, irresponsible, mean or mistreats his/her kids, lazy, living on government assistance, etc. To change that, you've got to represent properly.

    If you can change the way people think about one thing the government does, then you've taken a step in the right direction.
  14. We're not gonna take it! NO!! We ain't gonna take it!!
  15. was there a question mark on my post?
  16. IMHO I think the Economy is in the shape it is on purpose. It wasn't an accident to go to war, or bail out huge company's . You think the Head of one of the largest private banks in the world doesn't know he cant spend his way out of debt? In fact the more money the USA spends the more money the Fed makes. They just keep trying to make us think everything is fine with all the bubbles until they pop. Then they act like "oh I didn't know that would happen" Even though true politicians such as Ron Paul say "if you inflate this bubble, it will pop" but these economic geniuses couldn't see it coming? Get real.

    As for the fluoride take the OPs advice and do two things A) educate yourself on it, and B)critically think for yourself. Fluoride was first used in the Russian Gulags and then in the Nazi concentration camps. Im going to go out on a limb here but the Russians and Nazis didn't give a shit about their prisoners teeth. Im sure they were much more concerned with the fact that fluoride makes you docile. Here is some trivia for you What ingredient does both RAT POISON and PROZAC share? The answer Fluoride.

  17. Is my response only appropriate if you had used a question mark?

    Thank you for that post. If I had continued to go on about my own examples I would have discredited myself and been viewed as biased and out for my own agendas. There is truth behind what I say if one is willing to look for it. Maybe I may not have it all perfectly right, but I'm looking and helping others to look as well.

    The truth I do know is that there are numerous examples of things slipped by us without our knowing. It's not just about fluoride. I mentioned rfid chips in our tires. Did we consent to this? NO. Do we have a choice? No. I always encourage research. There are many things we are ignorant of. Even weather and geological manipulation. We can affect the weather. We can trigger earthquakes in the right conditions.

    Is it easy to find out about these kinds of things? Yes and no. The information is out there but it is often hidden in the open in various pseudo-fictional shows or it's shunned by society and considered crazy. The problem is that we're conditioned to think anything like this is just crazy talk.

    Thank you Memphis, for the perfect example in your signature.

    "I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast. - Ronald Reagan"

    Not long ago, people took this quote seriously. Not long ago people thought marijuana caused permanent brain damage and today we know that it's just the opposite. Is it so hard to believe that we're still being misinformed and manipulated?

    People used to hide under desks to protect themselves from nuclear explosions. This practice was used to calm fear and to put more trust into authority. When people are afraid they tend to not think rationally. I urge everyone to look for the meaning behind what you see.

    Thinking critically, think outside the box, expand your mind. They have all been overused and lost all meaning. The language works against me. Please, look beyond the words and grasp what they try to convey. This language confines us, our conditioning confines us.

    I do not know everything, we do not know everything. This society is ignorant of many things. Our technology does not make us any different than the people who have been historically manipulated and downtrodden. We may live more healthily and without hunger (usually), but we live in fear and ignorance as have our ancestors from all corners of the globe. We are starving for knowledge and we do not know it because we have our technology and our technology makes us feel safe. We have the internet, infinite knowledge at our fingertips. We do not use it. This is in large part why;

    Confirmation bias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Another reason is that we are, from the beginning of our lives, indoctrinated into the system. We have a hard time imagining a way out, let alone seeing a way. I don't see a way. I'm struggling myself. But I am angry and I refuse to take the bullshit anymore. I search for truth amidst the lies. I look for the patterns of manipulation and the goals behind them. I keep my eyes open as much as my progress allows me to do so. I encourage this path. It is easy to get lost, but perhaps in my writing this I will solidify my goals and in doing so help others find the path as well.
  18. why were we told there was an 800billion bailout when now, over 1.3 trillion has dissapeared from the fed with no explinaton?


    when the money goes down, so do we. so why wouldn't someone be pulling some strings?

    I forget who said it, but look up the quote "I don't need to be ruler of a country, all I need is to control the money"

    they lurk in teh shadowz
  19. no im not mad. i dont want to give anyone the satisfaction of making me mad. im spiteful like that. sometimes i do scream though and in fact just the other day i was screaming at someone close to me until i literally depleted the air in my lungs and then i just like curled into a ball and cried. true story, but im not mad.

    oh i do get fucking crazy when i drive though its like something takes over and i cant cope half as well as when im not driving.

    and the other night at cvs there was this stupid white trash cunt standing in front of the redbox machine, and her car was sitting there, it was fucking ugly orange, some shitty eclipse, and her fucking children were sitting in the car scream singing to like kiss fm songs i guess and it was sooo loud.

    at first i ignored it but after i went in and wandered around i realized i needed to go back out to my car for whatever reason. and when i went back out there these motherfuckers were still sitting there, and its not like i was trying to bully her and her kids but i just knew she was trying to fuck with people so i told her to shut the fuck up. and then she started talking all this shit and i was really jjust laughing at her calling her a trashy bitch in front of her mutant kids, and i went and go the manager and i was like fuckin look at this shit man.

    anyway the manager was cool, but i was really sick at this time, i mean i was in sinus hell, and i thought i was getting a brain infection, but no i wasnt mad. i was just frustrated and anyway this fucking retard just kept running her mouth so i whipped out my fucking cell phone and called 911 and reported a stupid fucking bitch causing a disturbance at the cvs in front of the redbox and i talked to the operater and argues with this fuckig idiot for about 5 minutes before 3 cops showed up and liked sneakily blocked us in. but i noticed. and at the time she had pulled her car over from in front of the fucking idiot movie box over near mine, like youd expect a responsible mother to do with her kids in the car. lucky for her i didnt have my nine mil on me bc i dont own it yet. im sure its out there.

    anyway i told the cop the whole story and i told the cunt she looked like a meth head, and he was like did you tell her to shut the fuck up and i was like yes sir and for a second i thought i might...be in trouble. but i wasnt mad, and i wasnt like im not taking this shit! i was being reallll nice and sweet. oh but no at first i politely told her to quiet down please...lol. yea thats it, officer.

    anyway typical run in, reminds me of this time about two yars ago, this fucking dummy put a dent in my car.. i had parked all crooked in two spaces to protect me from shitheads like this and when i came out with my groceries this fucking stupid suv was parked like tw fucking inches up on the side of me. so i just started spitting. and this fucking crazy bitch runs out of one of the dumb little shops right there and starts screaming and shit, and i guess i screamed, i dont think i was mad but i was just like fuck yourself, but i tried to leave and she was like im going to shoot you. and so i fucking parked and got out and there were people standing all around watching and i was just like excuse me? and by that time i had already pulled out my phone and dialed 911,

    but she just kept talking i guess and eventually what happend was ok haha this is good, i had fucking like backed out, and stoped, gotten out, gotten back in, and was gonna leave, but then she went to back out and follow me i guess, and she fucking backed into this old lady that was just passing by in this parking lot and totally smashed her shit, so i fucking got out again and i was like look bitch, look how dumb you are, and then she fucking put her shit in drive and intentionally rammed into my passenger side of my parked practically brand new car.

    but just her tire impacted my door bc of the way she was turned so it wasnt too bad. i didnt get it fixed for like 2 years. bc i was waiting for this fucking momo to pay me my restitution money and finally she started to. even though shes getting evicted from her home and her moms dying and shes broke.

    oh well!

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