Im Looking For My First Piece

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for my first piece. I have pretty much no idea what I want, so just give my links, and suggestions on what to get. Also; share stories about your first piece and what you named it, and whatever else you feel like sharing. If you put a link, I would prefer it be under $30. Thanks. :bongin:

  2. Well your local headshop may have better glass then online shops
    Eeeehhh... that's not true, especially for my location. Check Etsy, and search "pipe". If you have any questions about quality, post em, we'll help ya out!  :smoke:
  4. For your first piece, I would recommend a small glass spoon - easy to use, portable, and discrete!
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    You can also check your local craigslist, just search "water pipe" or "pipe" "420" "bong (if you're looking for one)".
    Some sort of sherlock bubbler would probably be a good first piece though, they usually run about $15-30.
  6. Speaking for myself and my buddies, our first pieces were all glass bowls bought from a local headshop. Mine was the most expensive, even then it was like $12! I loved that guy, named him Captain Kirk. *Side note, when naming your first piece, don't name it until you smoke out of it first :smoke: * Went through some great times with the Captain, he served me very well.

    Sadly, my ex girlfriend has that bowl and my bong. I told her I don't want them back because she's a crazy bitch and she used them after we broke up and I feel like they've been soiled....heartbreaking really. :cry: Plus I don't want to have any reason to talk to her lol. It's a loss, but I'll accept it.

    Go to a good chain head shop, like Hookah Hookup or King John...I find that they have the higher-quality pieces. DON'T buy one from a hole-in-the-wall place or a gas station. Nothing wrong with it, but it just feels weird.
  7. You can get a small bong in your price range. I enjoy bongs more than pipes, and the high is better.

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