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I'm looking for a tweaked advanced nutrients chart.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by xameciffo, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Or where to get one.
  2. Advanced has one on their site but its not easy to use. 100% water changes are needed if you go by it. Their product are fantastic though IMO
  3. I know no one beats advanced nutes in my opinion. But yes thank you for your help. But that one makes me feel stupid I seen a few.simple ones but cannot find them
  4. Id advise using distilled or very good RO water and just going by TDS. Thats what I do
  5. Just calculate your own ppm's.

    Take the percentage on the bottle, multiply by the ml per gallon used, then multiply by the constant 2.64. This provides the minimum guaranteed ppm of that element. When mixing several products together you can do the math to ensure the final ratio, once it is all mixed, is appropriate for growing with.

    Sensi Bloom A+B, Big Bud dry, and Overdrive are all I suggest from AN.

  6. I love math! do you have a link that better explains this? Id like to add it to my favs list
  7. You can take a look at some of my older posts.

    PPM= Parts Per Million= milligrams per Liter
    1 US Gallon = ~3.785 Liters
    1%= 1 part per hundred = 0.01
    1g= 1,000mg

    Take the ml used
    Multiply by % of the element on the bottle
    This gives the number of grams of that element added to the solution
    5ml of 3% = 5g x 0.03 = 0.15g

    This needs to be converted to milligrams
    Multiply the grams by 1,000mg per gram
    0.15g x 1,000mg / 1g = 150mg

    This then needs to be converted to ppm
    Divide the milligrams by the liters
    150mg / 3.785L = 39.6mg/L = 39.6ppm

    The quick way uses:
    ml x % to get the grams
    Then the constant 2.64 from the conversions 1000mg / g / 3.785L / gal / 100 ( because the percent is multiplied as a whole number)
    Do the math and 1000/100=10/3.785 = 2.64

    Always remember that what is listed on the bottle is the guaranteed minimum. There will be more in the bottle than is calculated and it is impossible to infer how much more without a qualitative analysis. Keep good records, use safe levels, and dial in over time, improving with each grow. Always test the solution EC to ensure it is appropriate and maintain proper pH and water temperature to ensure these variables are not negatively affecting the uptake or precipitation of any elements. Often times people take a good ratio and solution strength and alter it to accommodate poor environmental conditions, so use your own experiences in your own grow room with your own genetics subject to your own variables to develop the system that can perform the best for you.
  8. I LOVE answers like this! Clear, precise, logical. :hello: "Just the facts, ma'am"

    +1 Rep for you SCMC! :bongin:

    This post gets printed out and stuck to my wall! :D

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