I'm Leaving...again

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. only for 5 days dont worry:p
    thought i should liven the thread up with the quesadilla im getting soon, so ill post sum yummy pics asap :D

    as for where im going...im goin with my band super mini tour 5 days:p
  2. have fun

    make some weed waffles for the trip
  3. haha have fun bro
  4. heh,guess u dont know me to well

    im bringin ma waffle iron:cool:

  5. nice.

    i'm like that with burgers. have one every day. they're the only thing i eat when i go on trips.

    speaking of burgers i'm going to go make me a lamburger right now. and some greek salad.
  6. enjoy dude

    as for those pics.....


    if you are in the new haven area, or CT, i highly reccomend jays(3 jays it says both) lunchonette for mexican food, totatlly real its as mexican as it gets and is some of the most amazing mexican food iv ever had, and iv been to mexico 4 times. PM if u wanna know where it is exactly

    ooo and i still got sum fried shrimp from stew leonards:D

  7. i'm cool i got some mexican joints around here. and plenty of burger places. this one place in West Portal sells buffalo meat burgers. shit is super bomb. and really healthy as far as meat goes.
  8. man, i sure could go for a waffle burger....:poke::hide:

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