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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doobiedarlin, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I dont actually smoke myself, but i'm high all the time. Anyways my question is on behalf of my brother. He has jest started to grow and i believe he needs some help. My brother is growing some plants in his closet at the moment and he is trying to do everything right. My dad has given him some general tips but his plants still dont seem to be doin anythin much at all, so my question is will tin foiling his closet help the plants or will it be too much light for them?:eek:
  2. i cant help you with the growing part, but this:

    is sweet as hell
  3. go read a growing guide for "him". You can use foil (dull side out). But thats probably not his problem. read a guide

  4. can you explane how you are high all the time...........my dad looked after my first mj grow in his green house.....lol....waterd and fed them......then some basterd nicked them.....that little basterd could run faster than me so i never got to kick his arse..........
  5. haha. it'd be awesome if my dad blazed with me.

    disclaimer: i dont do drugs.

  6. you dont smoke but your high all the time? how does that work?

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