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im in loooooooooooove!! (i think)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. damn girls! why must you constantly have such on strangle hold on my emotions!!!

    ive recently met this girl, and shes perfect in every way for me! everything she says makes me like her more. Everthing i say she replies to with EXACTLY the response i want!

    shes absolutely gorgoues. shes actually a bikini model if you can believe that. she was on the cover of a german fashion magazine a couple months ago!!

    the whole circumstances of how i know her are nuts. i met her on the internet... as dorky as that seems. but it turns out she lives about 5 minutes from me! and has her hole life. we've only just recently met, but last week she told me she likes me, and that she has since LONG before we had ever even met before. turns out shes liked me longer than ive liked her.

    but heres the one bad thing, she always brings up her ex boyfriend... which i know is definately NOT a good sign. i just dont know what to think? i like her more than any girl ive ever liked, but she gives out soooo many mixed signals!! ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
  2. when did they break up? that might be why...and like zia said if you guys do hit it off then itll work it out...
    nevertheless congrats! you sounds sooooo happy!!! :D :D :D
  3. hey i wouldn't worry about it. she said she's liked you for a while now.i bet, you'll be who she's talkin about. probably just something she has to go through first.she'll stop talkin about her ex sometime.wish ya luck!!
  4. well thats wierd, she just called me ;) hahah
  5. you're so in. :p
  6. all ya gotta do is mac and attack.... :D
  7. omg that sounds horrible! lol! mac and attack! what the heck is that lol? sry i don't mean to be rude, it just took me by surprise.
  8. basically... go after her.... work your stuff....and get

    just gotta be smoooth about it...

    edit: ;)
  9. hahah im pretty sure everythings going pretty good. im luvin all this.

    its all been too wierd though. youd have to have known me for years to know all of it. but seriously, everything thats happen in the last 3 or so years has led up to everything thats happened with everything in the last few weeks. my lifes totally wierd right now, and Im loving every second of it. this girl is just the extra point after a touchdown in a football, you dont really need it, but god damn, youve never been more happy that its there :D

    i dont see how anything could go wrong now, she constantly talks about how "im so hot its not even funny" to quote her, which isnt something i here too often, shes called me everynight for the last 5 or so days in a row, and she flirts with me like hell, but i dunno about this hole ex boyfriend thing...

    from what shes said, she liked me before she was going out with him. they only broke up like a week ago is the problem... but they were also only dating for like 2 weeks...

    i just dont know, chicks are confusing as hell!!!

    i plan to just play it cool, wait everything out, im sure all will be fine in a week or so, and ill be right where i want to be :)
  10. Congrats bro! Love is a beautiful thing.

    She might bring up her ex-boyfriend a lot because she might have a lot of good stories that happen to involve him. Just remember that they probably *did* spend a good chunk of their time together and shared a lot of memories.

    It's not in how frequently she drops his name.. it's HOW she does it. :)

    Peace and love, bro. Good luck with the goddess!
  11. ahhh love is so great, but at the end of it all i always wish i would have RAN AWAY as soon as i saw her, but its good while it lasts

  12. couldnt agree more...i wish i could go back to those beginning stages where everything is so nice.

    ah, well no use dwelling on things...congrats on the girl!
  13. well i hate 2 burst ur bubble (someones gonna do it) chances are her ex that she keeps mentioning probally had alot to do with her life. im real high right now and feel like typng alot so here we go
    i was with a certain girl for 2 years, she lost her V to me and we did it like everyday. when we broke up it was hard but even to this day were friends and i know for a fuckin fact that i can call her up at anytime, and have sex. hahaha its still good.
    so the girl ur in love w/ is probally just feeling "new" emotions toward u since she was probally w/ her last bf for so long , she forgot what its like to get to know new guys
    i wouldnt have wanted to b the next guy my ex went out w/ tho. MY leftovers hahaha and i can have her whener i want

    just wait till she finds out u toke.......
  14. hahah, this ones kinda old...

    actually the old bf was only that for about 2 weeks and then there was quite a while between this and her/my meeting. shes kind of a loner, and infact brought up to me that the reason she talks about him and this guy named martin alot is because she never gets out much and doesnt have anything interesting to say. shes quite the wierdo...

    anyways shes been on vacation for a while but comes back next week.
  15. you're in looooove! :D

    great isnt it. :)

    i totally get what you're on about with the things leading upto this point in yer life.

    i see the exact same thing with my life.
    last 5 years specifically, all seem to lead to forming me into teh person i am that is perfect for her and would see her as perfect for me. ... its perfect! :D

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