I'm in jail

Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Watup! Been awhile. I got revoked off of my probation and got sentenced to 120 days. 90 days with good time. Today is my first day ive been able to get out on work search (once a week) so im sneakin on quick to update the city.

    My release date is March 29th
  2. waaaaaaaat up mayne. good to see a blade checkin in at home base.

    keep us posted, and don't fuck up your probation again lol ahah
  3. been wondering where you were....
  4. sorry to hear that, bud. thats cool you were able to stop by.

    good luck.
  5. I <3 Tony.
  6. damn man that sucks, im sending some good vibes your way. at least it isnt full blown prison man.
  7. That where you are!

    man, that sucks.
  8. damn.. I wish you the best. I'd like to get to know you more when you get out. :)
  9. Good luck mayne only a month and 10 days left
  10. Aww man, i figured since you had posted about it before, but dont remember why?
    Anyway, be safe mang.
  11. Hope you're reading some good books while you're cooped up.

    Stay chill man and we'll hope to see from you soon
  12. Watch your butt!

    haha good luck man hope your out soon
  13. Damn man, I was wondering where you were homie...

    Keep ya head up, just over a month left!
  14. Yeh man haven't heard anything from you.

    Even i was wondering :p

    Just take it easy bro, nothing you can do now. :wave:
  15. Sneakin on real quick again.. 17 days left!

    Can't wait!

  16. See ya soon mane!
  17. you gettin close so don't mess it up!!
  18. You got this tiger!

    Keep your head up, thoughts positive, and mind occupied!
    Seems like you already are though, keep on keepin on my man!

  19. 17 more days and I am done.. at last. Seems like this has taken an eternity. I have done a lot of thinking about my life and shit, and i'm gunna try to do shit right when I get out.. and NO PROBATION! So I can get faded whenever the fuck I want to.

    Things are tough in here, I got put in the hole last week for fighting (theres a lot of assholes who talk shit in my dorm) but I didn't lose my good time.. yet.. so I just gotta stay focused the last 17 days.

    Im out on Work Search (once a week on thursdays for 4 hours) and im about to head back to the jail.. I'll try to check in next week. I miss The City!

  20. Boat Drinks.

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