i'm in a music video!

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. haha i'm serious! check out my friend's in across five aprils new video. if you look close in the live shots you can see my fat ass!


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    if you like the music, check out my other post in the music section with all the tour dates and such!
  2. cool man, i uh didn't look at it but thats cool
  3. ey i watched it mang and i even looked real close but i didn't see your fat ass

    ah well pretty chaotic video :metal:
  4. I'm in a Bad Religion video.
  5. Im in... A Metallica video, A Pantera Video *No I was not around for the assassination*, and I came across a building where In Flames was in a recording session. I was very surprised, since i thought they did all their recordings in Sweden!
    Anders was so chill about it and I got to sit in on the recording session.. So basically I was introduced to the 'Come Clarity' album before it was even released. It was great.

    Yea, those are my music follies...
  6. lol these girls from my school were in the fat joe lean back video.

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