I'm high and there's a BAT in my house!

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  1. Okay ... well there isn't a bat in my house right now and I'm not high ... but there was and I will be soon ... this happened about 2 years ago. Here goes ...

    My parents were out of town for the night so I had a friend stay over ... I think I was about 15 ... I'm not sure though but I was in 10th grade. Anyways --- we were bored and started smokin ... we both drank a beer too but I've never really been into alcohol that much. Well we smoke and I'm completely fucked up. I used to have a bunk bed so I was chillin on the top bunk and my friend was on my computer. We were just listening to music and enjoying our high when I thought i say a butterfly fly through the hallway past my door (she saw it too). It took a few minutes but with my friends help I realized that it was impossible for there to be a butterfly ... because whatever it was WAS kinda big. I ignored it though I figured I'd just stay in my room and whatever it was would just go away, plus I thought that we both were just seeing shit. as soon as I think that a f*cking bat flies into my room and starts flying in circles up by the ceiling. Remember now that I was on the top bunk of my bed. I started flipping out! I jumped down and when it flew back into the hall I slammed my bedroom door. It took us a while but I found some old beach badminton racquets in my closet so we both get one and start patrolling my house looking for it. Well we couldn't find it after that so we invited these 2 guys (they were brothers) over to watch a movie with us cause we were trippin cause we knew the bat was still in the house. We watched the movie and still didn't see the bat again ... they didn't believe us ... I was starting to think we had imagined the whole thing. Well they left after the movie and my friend and I were getting ready to go to bed. She goes in the bathroom and shuts the door and then she started screaming. Well come to find out the bat was in the toilet. It wasn't dead though it was just splashing around trying to get out. I was gonna kill it but it was a baby and it looked to pathetic trying to get out of the toilet. So I went and got some old tupperware (I threw it away afterwards) and scooped it out of the toilet. Then I went outside and dumped it out on the porch. I thought it was gonna die cause it didn't move. But then my cat came up and starting sniffing it. No lie ... this bat starting like snarling at my cat and trying to bite it ... It started crawling really fast and I thought it was going to kill my cat. But then it just flew away. <<< that's kind of a boring ending but that's how it happened. All I can say is that bat looked sad and helpless when I scooped it out of the toilet. But it got vicious fast. That was probably one of the most surreal nights of my life.

    damn that's long >>> sorry
  2. Hahahah. Cool.
  3. Thats nutzo.
  4. Great story....and i'm glad you didn't kill it!! :D

    ps--glad to have another stoner girl here at the city!! :hello:

  5. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!! :D
  6. Same to you, fellow chica! (even though you're far from new!!)
  7. likewise my friend....yeah joined back in 02 wasnt around for awhile...watch out im BACK!!! cheers!! :bongin:
  8. lol i woulda freaked out and started smashing stuff to kill it
  9. Lol. Same here probably.

    I've seen those fuckers. Turning in to vampires and shit :mad:

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