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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by stonie jo, Oct 30, 2001.

  1. So we meet again!!! I've been checkin it out here for a little while. Like some of the others, I had (have?) another site I visit, I really thought it was hot at first. Then there was the fights, accusations, name calling(which I have to confess I participated in some), The Teenagers...now it's getting to where I just can't relate to a lot of the shit there.

    About me-been smokin half my life (I'm 33), got three boys & My ol' man (of two years).....don't really have much of a job to speak of (part-time housekeeping). Guess that's about it...Exciting,huh?

    Well....good to see everybody-I'm probly gonna be spendin a little more time HERE..........by the way, is Tazz here yet?
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]I'm glad ya made it! (just-stonie-this-time) LOL don't lose your password!

    I think this is a great site...everyone's friendly and open-minded.
  3. welcome, and with the new board im sure i can change your password if you forget it. :D
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