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Im having an argument with an anti-marijuana friend. Wow what a dumbass bitch...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrWhiteboy, May 22, 2010.

  1. She sent me a text quoting a Seventeen magazine saying:

    Teens are three times more likely to get addicted to pot than adults- even if you're not a regular hard-core smoker.

    Here's some facts on my hipocrital friend:
    She use to smoke weed alot and now she is fully against it.
    She drinks alcohol but yet thinks thats fine LOL
    She did much harder drugs than i will ever do but quit those as well.
    She is also my ex and her constant bitching to me about smoking is the reason why our relationship ended.

    I would post the entire convo but im too lazy to do so. Basically its me just raping her in this argument like i always did back in our relationship and her only hiding behind that one fact she got from that stupid magazine.

    I told her that alcohol is much more addicting and harmful and she just replied telling me that drinking and smoking are not the same thing. LOL really? I told her to please state why that was so but she has yet to reply back.

    I hate dumbass misinformed bitches like this.
  2. lol.....start sending her articles about how those other drugs can damage you right away...see how she likes it
  3. ive found, with people that cant see the obvious difference in heath between drinking and smoking weed, they wont listen to ANYthing you have to say.... dunno why
  4. I think its because they cant believe that everything the media has told them about marijuana is in fact wrong.
  5. lol another child of the corn....
  6. You can't change em'. Good thing you broke up with that bitch.

  7. My dad is the same way.
    As sad as it is, i think its mostly because people view it as safe cause its LEGAL. It must be safe if its legal right...right?????
  8. Inside of arguing with an ignorant person, just stop paying attention to them.
  9. ^this.

    Tell her to get back at you when she's clean of ignorance and propaganda.
  10. No take another approach. Two options to conversion
    1. You could tell her that it is the right of the people to smoke and that it is unconstitutional to have a federal prohibition on anything and it is strictly reserved for the people and the states to make that decision. Any law restricting personal freedom for the reasons she's giving are tyrannical laws meant to enforce the will of one group onto that of the entire society.
    2. Discover the truth together. arguing with someone puts them against you. You need to make her believe your on her team. You can accomplish this by studying peer reviewed journals with her (real scientific evidence). It's important you pretend to agree with some of the things she says, this gives the illusion that she has accomplished something. Now play the bullshit game. I've converted people this way and you can too. Well maybe not this girl, but you can try if you want.

  11. Shes the type of person that will be ignorant about any facts i feed her. Everytime im beating her in an argument, she will just be like, "whatever."

    Funny thing is that i didnt break up with her, i got her to break up with me lol she would sleepover at my house and at the end of our relationship, she pleaded me one night not to smoke while she was there or she would end it. I purposely ended up smoking with a friend right next to her in bed. Once she woke up, she left my house immediately and texted me the next morning that it was over LOL
  12. Now thats the type of bitch that men should be able to hit
  13. Yeah i dont talk to her as much anymore. Thats one of the reasons i found her cool at first and went out with her. She was down for anything but then she "changed" into a new person and claims she has quit drugs but yet the bitch is still drinking lol
  14. Ask her what she thinks a drug is. And listen to the dumb ass response you'll get.

    "it's like, bad stuff".

  15. Lol exactly man. At one point she told me, "At least i dont do drugs like you anymore you druggie."

    I seriously laugh at people who think alcohol isnt a drug. Which also proves my theory earlier of why people accept alcohol but cant accept marijuana. They ride the government's dick and think everything they do is correct.
  16. I know, bro. Even close relatives that smoke act like that, a little.
  17. There ismany people that just won't understand the fact that mary Jane is nothing compared to tabbaco, alcohol or other drugs.

    I say just ignore her and ask her why she used to smoke and why did she decide to "change". She used to smoke so there mus be a reason she did it. Why do people get brainwashed by the government dam :/

    Get yourself a girl that will smoke wit you that way you'll both be happy :))
  18. send her news articles of people driving drunk and getting into accidents and killing someone's wife, husband or kids, or medical articles of people having to get their kidney's transplanted or dying of liver failure because of drinking.
  19. I really dislike people who are so close minded and won't listen. I've told my friends the facts of weed over and over. And three of them constantly, two of whom smoke regularly, still believe that it can cause cancer because the other says the AP Bio teacher at are school said that any combusted material that inhales is carcinogenic. I've even shown them articles and their just like "Whatever you say man, I'm not going to argue with you, think what you want." Ignorant people piss me off.

  20. Yeah ignorant people are the worst. Its literally like arguing with a brick wall...literally!

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