I'm growing dreads

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  1. this thread makes me want to grow dreads lmao, how long does it usually take to grow full dreads?
  2. Just hit two years.
  3. I use to have an Afro ;) and I'm only 20 lol

    I mean a real one, a big one, not a little one, when I came in the room you really noticed me lol, chicks runnin they're hands through my hair all the time (mainly black chicks)

    I'm not black either lol

    I also have it on
    My drivers license
    But I cut it 2 years ago

  4. why so?

  5. I don't know man. I have a weird habit of getting fed up with my long hair in a moment, and so I just shaved it off on a whim. :confused_2:
  6. eh i know what you mean. i have usually had long hair most of my life, but i have too shaved it off one day where it was a little to hot and i couldn't take it for a minute or to.

    i regretted afterward every time. :(

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