I'm growing dreads

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  1. I shaved my head in January of this year with the intent of growing a shaggy head full of chemical-free dreadlocks! :D

    I haven't used shampoo in over two years now. I wash with water and nothing more. My hair doesn't stink, it's not greasy, and I don't have dandruff.

    Other animals don't use shampoo, why should we?

    My hair's now about 4-6 inches long, and is just now starting to get some tangles.

    Any other Blades with locks?
  2. Haha good stuff man I'm doing the same haven't had a hairy since last year :)
  3. Holy FUCK I thought I was one of the only people who knew that shampoo/conditioner is a conspiracy! Dude my hair has never been softer or cleaner (except when I wear a beanie, then it smells like hair and gets greasy until I wash it again. It's gonna be one year next month!
  4. Awesome dude! Glad to hear someone else knows the truth :D How long after you stopped washing did it take for your hair to normalize?





    once a week second year...

    now that im in 5 years i wash once every few weeks.

    but dont use normal shampoo it leaves residue and promotes MOLD!

    only wash with dr broners castile hemp soap!

  7. Maybe like a month or so? After a week or two, it smelled like hair (that kinda nasty smell, you know) and was greasy, after like three weeks, four weeks it stopped being greasy and started being awesome. I've had hairstylists touch my hair and they're always like "Your hair is so soft and clean, what products do you use?"

    I'm like "Pssh I just wash my hair with water and scrub it for a while, no products."

    Them: :eek:

    You should post pics, then post a new picture every month or something so we can see the dread nugs growing
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    Thanks for the advice dude :D

    I feel like my hair is healthiest without soap as long as I eat well.

    How is your hair naturally? Mine was pretty straight when I used to comb it, but now it's got some curl and flips in it. It's kinda thick too. I know it's going to take a long time, but it'll be worth it :D

    Haha, yeah, I know what you mean about people being shocked. Girls are always telling me how nice my hair is, but then when I tell them I don't use shampoo, they think it's gross :rolleyes:

    Sure, I'll post some pics up soon. :D
  9. I've never heard of not using shampoo. I don't believe it actually works.. maybe it's because I have long hair or because I'm a girl but I feel gross if I just wash my hair with water.
  10. I agree, Im a guy but i have pretty long hair and if i dont wash my hair for like 2 weeks its pretty effing gross!
  11. I had long hair when I stopped washing it. It takes a while. 2 weeks isn't long enough for most people to notice the difference. And you have to scrub it in the shower when you use water.
  12. That's great. I don't think i can grow dreads and ive always had a dandruff problem if i stop using a specific shampoo.
  13. Everyone can grow dreads dude :D

    Raw apple cider vinegar can help with your dandruff problem.
  14. Fuck it then, Ima do some research. Maybe ill get dreads in the near future lol I can only imagine myself with dreads. But it's time for some change anyways.
  15. You never know when you'll need some rope :D

    Yeah dude, apple cider vinegar is really nourishing for your scalp. I don't know if you even know what this is, but stinging nettle tea is really good for your scalp as well. You can surely get it online.
  16. im with you man, i am currently just about month 2 of letting my hair go, now... my hair was down to my lower back almost my ass crack, so my process is a little faster, i dont think i have any more patches of loose hair, and i have about 20 dreads all together. i never liked skinny dreads plus they tend to break off, so imma have a couple fattys haha :smoke:
  17. I've been growing out my hair for about a year and a half now from a shaved head. But I made the mistake of shampooing and combing for nearly a year after it started to grow out. It's past shoulder length now and has started to bunch together a little. Stay patient and those locks should come!
  18. I'm finally getting a few knots and tangles here and there.

    I'm pretty sure the sides of my hair will dread first, because they're a lot curlier than the back or front, haha. It's going to look like clown hair.
  19. wwwwaaaittt, why is shampoo bad for your hair?!? what does it do???

    i only use shampoo o:, i don't like the way conditioner makes my hair feel..
    and i don't brush my hair either, i just untangle it with my fingers when it gets in knots. i feel like brushing your hair is bad for it, i know for a fact its awful to brush your hair when its wet because its super fragile then..

  20. There aren't any conclusive reports I can show anyone about the damaging effects of shampoo, so I'm not going to say that it does damage your hair.

    It's just unnecessary, and full of synthetic chemicals that I don't care to stick on my braincase.

    The chemicals in shampoo, if ingested, are toxic. Propylene glycol, which gives shampoo its consistency, can make small children comatose if they eat something with it in it.

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