I'm Gonna be a cop

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  1. Bash me for it all you want.

    there it is...I am currently going to school to upgrade my courses to become a police officer Or an RCMP officer....I smoke and still plan on doing so throughout my career. I don't plan on being an asshole unless your a complete dick to me....what do you guys think...obviously I am pro weed since I smoke
  2. Good for you. I think being a cop would be totally bad ass. Of course a nice cop.
  3. Don't bust stoners! Just smoke with them :smoking:.
  4. As long as your happy with what your doing w/e its cool. Isn't like random drug testing an issue though?
  5. As long as you're not a total dick then make your paper
  6. The one time I was blazing in a park:

    here's my story copy and pasted from facecrack !

    it was written 2 years ago...but I will never forget it (22 now)

    This just happened seriously about 15-20 min ago. I was walking to my usual Blaze spot for work when I realize that I don't have a lighter. So I go up to the and ask someone for a lighter and to come smoke a bowl. The guy comes with me and we are chillen in the park it's pitched black. I had him the nugg of champagne and tell him to take a smell of it, he likes it and he passes it back to me. So yeah I am packing he bowl then all of a sudden these to cops come around the corner and start to walk up to us. I am sitting on a bench with this guy in pitched black surroundings and there are 2 cops comming towards us. I have the pipe and the weed and my tin out I quick grab my bowl and shove it in my bag then take the weed and put that in my bag also. So the cops like "hey guys what are you doing here" I answer him saying "I'm just here on my lunch trying to get away from my supervisor" he bust out with saying "Wow there is never anyone hanging out in this park" I say "Well it is about 9:00 sir, and this isn't the only park where people don't hang out," I pointed out another place where it seems no one hangs out he agrees have alittle bit of a conversation and then he took off. It was awesome, seriously my heart is still pounding. sorry for the long read. Oh yeah and then they left and we smoked the bowl lol and here we are now lol

    jah mon :hello::hello:
  7. I think you could be a model for other police officers to follow if you act properly.

  8. Totally agree, I've always wanted to be a drug consular or something to do with helping people...i wanted to be a firefighter till i fucked up my back.. and I was looking into a paramedic and you need a 105 % average to get into it....yeh :mad:

    so now it's police or RCMP....

    there are so much I could say just to get people thinking and then if the press gets involved my word can be spread about the green god..but obviously thats not my main reason...sorry lol
  9. if i WERE to become a cop, if i had to bust a group of smokers, id just take there weed, and a small amount of it. if they have an 8th, id take some nugget out, hand it to the people, keep some nugget left in the bag as evidence and tell them not to let me catch them again. and ofcourse let them keep there piece because it was just tobacco resin.
  10. What are you going to say during your lie detector exam (all state employees are required to take one) when this question comes up.

    Have you ever smoked marijuana in your life?
    Have you used any illegal narcotic within the past 2 years?
  11. Good luck smoking as a cop. Expect it to be a short-ending career.
  12. he doesnt live in the states man.

  13. Ahah !
  14. That's fucking awesome man, even if it means that you may have to quit smoking, I say go for it.
  15. on the count of 3 say fuck the police


    yea fuck em
  16. RCMP recruits are required to take a polygraph test as well.
  17. RCMP, you're canadian so it is totally ok for you to be a cop. I took a trip to canada about a month ago for 3 weeks. drove from toronto to victoria. I got pulled over 3 times and 2 of the times was just police stopping me to say hello and making sure I had enough gas to make it to the next station (Can go hundreds of miles with out seeing one in canada)

    One guy was talking to me about my german shepard and talking about he trained them and all this other stuff. I never got a ticket just 1 warning and the other 2 were just pulling me over to say hello and nice day.

    Canadian police are awesome, period.

    Edit: Tim hortons chili fucking kicks ass.

    I'm moving to Canada in a few months, very happy about that.
  18. be the coolest cop that people write about on here. Where the cop was the chillest ever and joked with them about weed.:smoking:
  19. My uncles a cop and hes a douche bag about weed but i always go to his house reeking of dank and just smile at him to piss him off.
  20. You down with OPP, Yeah you know me
    Who's down with, OPP Every last homie
    You down with OPP, Yeah you know me
    Who's down with OPP, All the homies

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