Im Going to get this RooR

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  1. RooR - 4 Arm Lean Back Perk - 18" Beaker - Purple

    This is a 4 arm lean back perk, RooR beaker bottom. Has anyone hit one of these? and how do they compare to stright RooRs?

    Any one know any other good sites to get LEGIT roors?
    is Aqua Labs Technologies authorized and so they sell legit RooRs? and why does it say is made in California??????
  2. Alt has American made roors, the only place to get a true roor is off the official website or certain headshops
  3. American roor isn't like the German made, quality wise. They hit pretty damn similar though.

    ALT is legit though, very fast shipping btw usually ships the next day :D
  4. hahaha dude!! i was thinking of getting the same one!!
  5. to be honest i wouldnt get a tube where the percs have only slits on the bottom, as opposed to a circular hole, its creates a lot of lux was really draggy(it had the same style percs) and they are made by roor
  6. 370??????? I have had one RooR. It ended up breaking due to me being a clutz...but anyway, why a RooR? IMO they are a little more expensive for a mediocre product. You kind of end up paying for the brand.
  7. Go with SG king stem line for that much
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  9. Now that's a bong that is actually worth it. If you have 370 to spend...either get one of these. Or something like the King Stemline.
  10. Yea that was just the first thing I found, but Roortech is just garbage...
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    i dont know why people would even pay that much for a roor when you buy a roor you are paying for the name and IMO tree percs are obsolete compaired to a gridded stemline/showhead perc

    EDIT: i also just clicked on the pick and they arent even going to give you a diffused down stem for 370 are you kidding me? alt is a rip off go check you lhs before you resort to over paying for glass
  12. well, you guys convinced me! i'll definitely be going to sovereignty when i finally scrounge up the cash! thanks guys!

  13. a few years ago i would say hell yea get a ROOR. but now with brands like SG and toro you can really get a much better bong for the same price as a basic beaker style roor. IMHO ROOR bongs are outdated now. they need to either step up there game or cut down on the price alot.
    just my .02
  14. i couldnt agree with you anymore roor is still making stone age smoking tools while toro/sov/bc2010/2011 are in the space age man
  15. Haha..

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  16. This style of roor is made by Dementia glass, which also puts out LUX and Sheldon Black

  17. roor is alwayss a fail safe becasue they are always awesome:hello:
  18. any suggestions on glass?
  19. sovereignty, bc2010/2011, eric ross 4.0 glass, toro IMO those are the best bong makers out there no bodys one thier level
  20. That looks really sick...but 370? Helll nah more like 200 MAX

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