I'm Going to Carve a Pipe

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by 000, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I'm going to go carve a pipe. In fact, I think I'll do multiple. I'm going to practice with some plywood, then find some nice applewood or some other nice smelling wood and make a sexy pipe.

    I think I'll stain it too, but with a natural finish.

    I'm going to try and make a stone one as well. I do have all these countertop samples from when my parents did their bar a couple years back...

    Being idle is awesome. I'll post some pics once I get my practice one finished (and of course the subsequent ones as well).
  2. hell yeah man...id like to see..and if its not to much some instructions somtime id like to make a homeade stone one or somthing.
  3. Yeah, I'll do that... once I figure it out myself. :laughing:

    The wood not so hard... the stone I'll have to work on...

    I'll keep you posted though.
  4. Don't use plywood. Or any treated wood. Go find a fruit or hardwood tree, take a saw, and get some wood. Or that's what I'd do. (obviously don't cut it down though)

    And stone pipes are easy, I've made a few, as well as slides. Soapstone for sculpture is great for making pipes, and it's very easy to carve, you can do it all with a coping saw/hacksaw, a few files, an xacto knife, a standard drill, and sandpaper. (and any other carving tools you feel the need to use, you don't need chisels or anything though, in fact they won't work on soapstone, you'd shatter it)
  5. Cool, thanks. I was only going to use plywood to practice, but I guess it is alot different than wood I'll be carving a finished product with.

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