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  1. I owed a collection agency 1500 dollars. They said I could pay them 200 dollars a month. I made that agreement with them at the end of December and told them I would make the first payment in January. I was late and didn't make the first 200 dollar payment until the first week of February and then yesterday I sent them another 200 dollar payment to make up for missing January.

    Then today I got a letter in the mail saying I have to appear in court and they're suing me for the 1500 dollars.

    What the fuck. I hate my life. I have so many bills it's insane.
  2. That sucks man, youll be able to get through that shit. I wish the credit card companies could realize the economy sucks and jobs and money are hard to come by, but i guess that isnt the nature of their business. Good luck to you.
  3. Relax, even if you lose, theres not much rhey can do.

    This is what will happen:

    1) You will have to pay the court cost

    2) You will be given a re-payment plan by the court, with payments not to exceed 10% of your income.
  4. What exactly is that debt about?

    Car loan, personal loan etc.?
  5. I've been sued four or five times by hospitals. Had a few Surgeries that couldn't be put off. I make to much money for assistance, but not enough to pay the massive amount of bills (Well over a hundred thousand dollars). I'm going to declrare Bankruptcy later this year probably, have to have an MRI done in April to see if my brain tumor is growing or not. If not I should be safe to clear the debt, otherwise I'll wait until I have surgery.

    One thing that has always pissed me off is the people laying around collecting welfare and not working get there medical shit for free, while the people who struggle and work get fucked. Almost makes you want to be a leech and not work, but I have to much pride for that.

    Anyway, don't sweat it. If its that small of an amount it might suck for a little bit but shouldn't be to hard to clear off.
  6. I'm about to be sued by a jewlry company who I owe $400 bucks to. It's like, I told them I would pay, but it will take some time. Oh well...
  7. Jump one of them and steal your cash back in a month or so
  8. Saddens me to see people going through money troubles...

  9. Completely agree.
    I got layed off a few months ago and have a one year old with no income, which also means very little toking :( Very depressing.


  10. a-fucking-men
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    Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement.

    Basically here is everything I have to pay:

    1. The 1500 I'm getting sued for.
    2. 1800 for my last semester of school.
    3. 850 on a credit card

    I also have about 4000 dollars in damaged I need to get fixed on my car.

    It doesn't seem like a lot of money for most people, but I'm in college so I work part time. My take home is only a 150 dollars a week.

    I just don't see why they are taking me to court for missing one month of payment. It's not going to accomplish anything for them, 10% of my income is 60 dollars a month. They would have been getting 200 from me if they left things alone and let me pay.

    I'm only 21 years old and my credit score is in the 500's.

    I wish my parents taught me better money management skills when I was younger, instead I learned the hard way.
  12. I got a credit card with Capitol One when I was deperate, and have owed them $300 since like August of last year. They would start calling me at 8am and not stop until like 6pm.

    So one day I answered the phone and just went off on them. $300 doesn't make a difference to a company that rakes in millions a year. So I told them to suck my dick, ahaha and I don't even have one!
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    The $1,800 for your last semester and the $850 credit card debt are both unsecured debts.
    Depending on the state you live in there could be wage garnishing but especially for the credit card debt I highly doubt you are going to get sued.

    You SHOULD call them and ask for a settlement offer.

    The most common mistake people make is not responding to correspondence they are getting from their lenders.

    On edit: I don't understand that last sentence:

    "I also have about 4000 dollars in damaged I need to get fixed on my car."
  14. Getting sued by the company won't really do anything. At most you'll just have to pay the court costs on top of everything else, and all they will do is set up a repayment plan (which you already have). Besides, all you have to do is tell them that you were late one month and paid them back for that month and the current month and they will probably dismiss the claim anyway. If you don't want to go to court (which I suspect you don't) just call the company and talk to someone about it and try to get a settlement or at least just straighten things out and they will likely just drop the case.
  15. Yeah man, you should call em up and work something out, 'cause i don't think they want to pay court costs and shit either.

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