Im fucked and pissed off

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  1. :mad: Firstly im 18 nearly 19 and i do not have the money to move out yet.

    Well last week my mum searched my room, she found everything, it was all hidden inside my amp and she found it, don't know how she decided to look in there. Well now she's all "Your a failure in life" and "Your just a fuck up" etc even though i did well in my GCSE's and got into 6th form and did well there. Now she's decided to pay for a lot of DT's and she's makin me take one at the end of every week.

    What am i gonna do? If i smoke just after the DT and then just drink FUCK LOADS of water and alot of vitamin C would it work? anyone got any tips for my situation? help please. Thanks :)
  2. Listen to your mother.
  3. get one of your boys to piss in a cup for you
  4. found it in the amp...shes crafty. and irrational. just joking. sounds like you have to quit man, unless youre gonna move. :(
  5. smoke right before the DT not like a day or two but on that day it wont show up
    i did my surprise DT and i was super baked nothing came up
    after that drink and sweat alot
  6. Try explaining to her how light of a drug that marijuana is...also do you think she would kick you out if you just keep on failing those worthless DT's?
  7. That won't work. I guess you should talk to your mother about it, tell her how drastic that is. This is a very bad situation to be in, wish I could be more of a help.

  8. Ive tried explaining it to her, she's one of those people thats NEVER wrong lol
    She also says how smoking one joint is like 10 cigs and 1 joint can cause skitz :eek::p
  9. I feel ur pain bro... My parents both smoked for just about my entire life and still gave me shit about it including taking my weed and bowls, etc. When u live with them there's just not too much u can do. Focus on saving money and finding a place or some cool peeps to room with. Just gotta get out to be able to do ur own thing... Everything passes and u just gotta be independent and do ur own thing so this wont be a problem in ur life. Best of luck man!!!
  10. bake her some brownies:smoke:

    but no don't do that, but man i hate to say it, i used to get so pissed off when people said it to me,

    but if she doesnt want it in her house, dont smoke,

    luckily my moms not like that anymore, and its basically out in the open that i smoke weed,
    but i dont have any bongs, pipes, grinders or scales in my house,

    i keep them at my buds, even tho he offered to keep them there
  11. Have someone piss in your mouth so that when you need to take the test you can spit it out into the cup. If your mom questions it tell her you have always pissed out of your mouth.

    ^Thats what i always do seems to work for me....
  12. Quit smoking until you can move out. Save the money that you would spend on weed and it won't be long until you have enough to get the hell outta there. And when you do move out, you're tolerance will be low, you'll have your own place, and you can get high as fuck whenever.

    Or this could work too, assuming OP can hide his boner.
    I kid, I kid.

  13. Well sit her ass down and make her watch The Union. Maybe she won't be as ignorant as you describe after it. But if not, then idk.
  14. just punch her in the tits, robb her, then move out with all the money
  15. I always thought the back of an amp was a good place to store stuff, I wonder if parents go online searching for common stash spots and have found out (maybe through sites like this) that the amp is indeed a great hiding spot, though maybe not anymore.
  16. get a job?
  17. man my mom was pissed whe she found all my shit, 2 months later shes alot more understanding and sorta accepts it, ask her what she did at your age, hopefully everything will blow over, but also man your 18 i would just tell her your an adult and can make your own decisions, if she says then go get your own house, then honestly i dont know man, im really sorry about your whole situation, good luck
  18. Educate yourself about the subject, then just belittle her with your superior knowledge. The fact that you say 'she is never wrong' just means you haven't formed a strong enough argument. Offer to use a vaporiser to combat her cigarette argument (doesn't matter if you actually do or not) and research the shit out of the (non-existent) scientific link between (adult) cannabis use and schizophrenia.
  19. Theres only a few things you can do man.

    1. Sit her down, make sure she knows you're talking to her on a serious level, discuss cannabis and why she is against it, use your knowledge against her, when she rejects the facts you know, show her The Union.

    2. get a bottle, or something and get your mate (non stoner) to piss in it, beware he migh reject and think you're odd, and when it comes for a test, use friends piss.

    3. cry

    Feel sorry for ya man, a shit situation to be in :(
  20. If I were you I'd be logical about it and stop smoking. Pass the DT's she gives you and eventually she will forget about it and you can start smoking again.

    Don't try cheating her system as your basically only going to get caught or be paranoid about getting caught.

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