I'm fine now.

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    I've been lurking for a while but that post just pissed me off something fierce.


    Okay. I feel better. Carry on.

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  2. Maybe do it in his thread?

    Welcome to Grasscity.

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  3. Might want to edit the name calling despite ICGreen already replying?

    I agree that it is very wrong to supply them with alcohol when they're underage, especially with him being an alcoholic at that age... Still would have been better to reply to that thread instead.

    But hi :)

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  4. Good point, that may be why she did it here instead. With an un-named target, it could pass.

  5. For a minor lol, at 18 the liquor was selling me drank ! Fishing was even easier, I'm guessing most kids will find the suds one way or another 2 more years he'll buy i himself, not really worth the stress or anger :smoking:
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. My apologies if I upset anyone. I can be a bit blunt. My nephew was an alcoholic at that age annnnd I won't go into it because I'll get pissed again. Clearly I've been not chill for far too long.

    Peace. To all.

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  8. Any one else confused ?
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  9. I too find it very problematic

    I literally cannot even at the moment, if you all wouldn't mind, please back up and allow me a safe personal space of atleast 2.3 meters, also don't say any of my trigger words or mention chewy chip's ahoy
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  10. Na. But good point people that didn't see the thread she/he is replying to
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