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  1. I dont even really want to admit this but I have totally been doing the lucas formula wrong. I thought when my freind turned me onto it he said 10ml micro and 5ml bloom. So thats what I have been doing. Im almost done with my third batch and about to click the lights on the 4th and all those veged that way. How big of a differnce will I notice when I do it the right way. DO you guys think 8-16 is too much i got 8k watts.
    I run cal mag, silca blast and liquid kool bloom 5ml per gal
    I also run pure flower the first 5 weeks and foiliar with it
    Then just micro,bloom and powder kool bloom

    Is there anything Im missing or can do with out. I have c02 and everything is good I do between 3-5 oz per plant.

    Manly Im trying to see what kind of improvment I can expect with having right ratio
    5-10 or 8-16 vs. 10-5
  2. You always want to start out with 30 percent strength then up it to a maximum of 50%. The directions on the bottle usually is for 100% strength so you will have to do a little math.

    Lets say the directions are to put 10ml in a 10 gallon container, since you want only 30% you will have to put 3.3mls in a 10 gallon container. Then you increase every week by 5%. You will need to know how to read your plants too see what percentage is right.

    DO NOT GO OVER 50% you will burn your plants.

    Hope that helps.
  3. What is Lucas Formula, and how do I use it?

    How do you use it? Simple. Add 8ml of Flora Micro (dark red stuff) to 1 gallon of water*, mix, and then add 16ml of Flora Bloom (pink stuff) into the water, and mix. Done -

    when you all all those additives... your not really running Lucas any longer... there have been many debates.... but its not lucas

    why fix what is'nt broken? without pics it would be really hard to say your messing up... what do your plants look like? if their nice and green and your pulling a decent yield, why feel dumb?

    try adding a screen, unless your doing a sea of green... either way... I'd leave it...

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