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  1. i have been growing this plant for about a month and some change i been giving it nutrients at quater strength every other feeding with maxi grow hydrolonics and watering it pretty reguraly with a ph balance water at about 5.7 its in a rockwool medium under 24 hr 600 hps light and today i found a leaf with a yellow tip with black spots and also my leaves seem to be curling up. i thought it may have been bleaching because i did have the light a lil too close for about a whole day i moved the plant away also a few of the lower leaves had some yellow spots that were magnesium defieciency and seem to be under control now. i been flushing for about 2 days now with str8 distilled water that is ph 5.7 so i dont really kow wat to do next. some one help me this is my first grow so any advice at all will help big time thanks grasscity!
  2. 5.7 is a bit low for ph. You should have your ph at like 6-6.5
  3. Flushing with distilled water is ok for a bit, but there are absolutely no minerals in it that the plants need. I would cut back on the nutes to maybe 1/2 strength once a week and just add regular water between feedings (let the water sit out overnight to get rid of chlorine, etc.) Make sure the nutes you are using are fairly well balanced, but higher in N than P or K.
  4. 1/2 strength nutes, and how did u resolve your magnesium prob? In my exp. when the leaf tips curl up they're praying for Mg...

    BTWif you're growin soil then u need to raise your pH, but if you're hydro, your pH is good at 5.8-6.2 or so..

    Anyway, look into's a supplement that most growers use EVERY grow b/c mj loves cal/mag and is usually deficient.....

    been there homie...if you're askin questions then you aint dumb
  5. thanks alot im bout to go get some of that prolly today at my local hydro store

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