Im Done With Love!

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Im so exausted.
    Listen to this, for three years now, I've loved Niky. Niky was my world. I met her when she was with her ex-boyfriend Chad. He stomped on her heart, made her feel what it's like to burn. And every day, I would get home from work, and I would listen contently for hours on end about her and her ex-boys problems, and I would sit there and try to help her. I was a shoulder to cry on. But all along, I knew I loved her, but Im not the type of person to break apart a couple, no matter how fucked up they were. I would always make her feel better...always, even though the boy was just using her for sex. I was on the phone when she tried to commit suicide with a fucking knife... He left her, and she tried to kill herself, and at this point I had my license suspended. So see, Im flipping out trying to get to her house. I called up my boy Green to go get her. He got her on his cell and coaxed her out of it. I was always with her through thick and fucking thin. I would always tell her how I felt, how I loved her, and she brushed me off like I was some dude trying to pick her up at a bar, BUT I was still always there for her.
    One night, we got drunk at her party, and she took me to the stairs away from the crowd and asked me why I was always there for her when she needed someone the most, and I looked at her and told her its because I loved her, and I always would. And a single tear rolled down her left cheek. I wiped it away, trying to hide my own watering eyes. I kissed her softly and told her that I would always be there for her. ALWAYS. She slowly went to undo her pants, and I grabbed her arm and asked "Is this really what you want?" she closed her eyes and nodded softly, and we comtinued to have one of the most passionate experiances I had ever had.
    The next day when I saw her, I came up to her and she seemed to look away. I didnt know if she was upset, and thought I had taken advantage of her being drunk or what, so I left her alone for the time being. I went home and called her, asking if she wanted to come over for the day on Valentines day. She said that she respected me, but that day reminded her of Chad who she was still in love with her. So, I was a gentleman about it and said that was fine, maybe we could hang out some other time.
    Throughout the next couple of months, I was a good friend of hers. I was always talking with her, and trying to be the type of person she wanted. She always rejected me and brushed my love away. I tried harder, and harder...I never gave up on her.
    Last night, while I was at a friends openhouse, she showed up and introduces me to her new boyfriend, Kevin. Nice guy actually, I had nothing against him, but I started acting like an asshole to her. She asked me for a cigarette, and I told her to go get some from somewhere else. She tried hugging me, I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back. I wasn't pissed, just extremely frustrated, that I was always there for her trying to be all that I could for her, and one day, she goes out, meets a guy and hooks up.
    Tonight, she calls me up at 3 in the morning and asked what was up with me the other night, I just told her the truth. She asked what I truely felt about her, and I told her...The past three years, I've always been there for her. And whenever I bring up my feelings for her, she seems to ignore them. And I asked her why she could never give me a distinct YES or NO, she always had to beat around the bush on the subject. She said she was sorry, but whatever answer I wanted from her, I couldn't have, because she was with Kevin now, and was happy.
    I just told her that she was one hell of a playa, she had me wrung around her damn finger for years. And she told me she was sorry, and she knew I loved her. I told her no, I shouldn't have fallen in love with her in the first place. If she only knew what love was. She said she knew what love was and it was the worst thing ever. And I finally told her the truth about Chad...I told her that Chad never LOVED her...He USED her. With that note she hung up, but first she blurts out the sentence "Joe...Never call me, never talk to me, never even look me in the eye again."
    Morale of the story. Im done with women, and I'll be damned if I let another one rip my heart out.

    Now I need a cigarette. Peace out.
  2. Hey Mods, sorry I wrote this in Recreational Marijuana Use, it should probably be in General, I was just too set on ranting and raving to even think about it :(

  3. Understand this, what girls say they want and what they really want are often times two different things. A lot of women will tell you they want love. Which may be true, but many need to be abused in order to be "balanced". I'm not saying you should ever hit a girl. But some girls are so used to abusive relationships, many times some girls can't handle a true loving relationship. Some can't comprehend the idea that someone could ever love them. Some are so used to lying to themselves about being loved by people who use them that truth is too god damn fucking unbarable.
  4. Damn I know how that shit is. All Love has been for me is pain. I feel u man.
  5. Yeah I feel ya man...I chased after the same girl my entire first year in my heart broken many times and now she is hooking up with my roomate...Be strong my friend eventually you'll find the right girl for you!
  6. i been there, man. trust me, the best thing you can do is learn from it - DON'T FALL TOO HARD FOR A GIRL BEFORE YOU KNOW HER FEELINGS

    oh, and don't wait so long to tell her, either.
  7. Feel for you dude, hope you feel better soon, allthough only time will heal you :(
  8. i agree.....fuck love!!!

  9. No problem. Moved to recreational.

    I'm sorry for you man but -it's already said- you're not alone in this. Probably most guys have a bad experience like this. Don't let it discourage you.
    Love is beautiful and will often surprise you when you are the least expecting it; totally off-guard;)
  10. stick with ms mary jane
    she will never turn you down
  11. I know where you're coming from. I met this girl Emma one night and I instantly fell in love. We stayed in touch and eventually I told her how I felt. She told me that she had similar feelings towards me, but even more so towards someone else. Someone else turned out to be my best friend. Throughout the following 6 or 8 months I watched them hook up have a great time and blow me off. Again and again. Emma was horrible towards me. I was always there for her and she was always a bitch to me. Eventually I meet her best friend, Ashley. I like her a lot, but somethings missing. She was just too dull for me. Into the "straight edge" and loved her misery, just not for me. Well I find from Emma that this girl has fallen for me. And hard. She's borderline manic depressive, and I just dont need that baggage in my life. But I'm an idiot and I go out with her anyways. I watched her fall deeper in love with me when I felt very little in return. I liked her a lot, but I was still stuck on Emma. Then Ashley started growing weird to me. She was really suspicious and whenever I'd mention Emma she'd get all jealous sounding. Well I found out that even though Emma was still with my best friend, she was now in love with me. Well this is really complicated. I was with her best friend; she was with my best friend, and we were into eachother. Eventually there is a falling out between me and Emma. She kicked me in the nuts and insulted me and I told her I hated her. That was the last straw. I was done with this girl. I broke up with Ashley, and she turned in to a depressive nut. I found out recently that Emma still loves me and still is with Justin, however we are not best friends anymore.

    The moral of the story is: Stay away from French women.

    Again, I'm sorry bro, women are a crazy breed.
  12. ah l'amour.

    I could rant forever about the ins and outs of women. But none of it would do any good, they're all different man. There was a way that you could've been with her, but it would've involved breaking up the relationship and being kind of an asshole. I'm not here to say if you did the right thing or not. I've been in your exact situation before. It's probably going to suck and hurt for a long time. The important thing is what you learn from this moment.

    I apologize if this doesn't make much sense, I have a lot on my mind as I am curently battling my own women problems.
  13. wow...........

    i just read this and its the craziest shit ive ever seen. i was with my girlfriend jounior and senior year of highschool, but then we broke it off. going into our second year of college i told her i had feelings for her, but get this....... she was with her current boyfriend CHAD (im not even kidding, his name is chad) so everytime he fucked her over i was there for her, every other night shed stay the night cause he would just be crying all night. so finally we got back together after she dumped that loser. so then we started up again but we would have the stupidest fights ever. i mean we could do anything together and have fun, but for some reason we were both too stuborn to see each other's side of the fight. so we broke it off again, but hung out every day and did everything together. so about two months into doing that she breaks it to me thats shes is seeing someone and im not kidding about this either, the kids name is KEVIN. thats why when i read your story it blew me away. so now shes been on his balls for like the past 2 months and i havent seen her in a long time (i moved back home cause it sucked to bad livin by her) but pretty much ive given up on her.

    long story short, i thought the CHAD KEVIN this was kind of weird. =)
  14. wow ya I cant say as I know how that feels, but I know right now I am in love with a guy that I love so much that if something ever happened and we broke up, I feel as if Ill never be able to get over it. Im sorry that happened to you, love gets the best of us, and I hope you find someone else you can be happy with. For the mean time, light up with some friends and just chill.
  15. God damn all these bastards named Chad giving cool, nice and caring Chad's such as myself a bad name.

    Word, fuck the French.
  16. you're my hero Luke

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