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I'm doing an arugement essay on the legalization of marijuana...

Discussion in 'General' started by AsHlEy_C, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. If anyone knows of any good websites or would like to give me a quote for my paper of any kind of facts I'd be so happy. Thank You!!
  2. is pretty informative info. check it out or ask some questions here. plenty of epertise right at your fingertips......
  3. i did alot of searches on subjects like marijuana, history of marijuana, pot, anything i could think of, there are alot of sites that you would find very useful i think...i will look and see if i can find you some......they have useful info like how marijuana became illegal, and facts that most folks don't marijuana was grown during WWII by the government, and at one time in the history of our nation, if you didn't grow hemp on a certain percentage of your acreage, you did time in prison.....can you imagine, doing time for NOT growing it...those were the good old days, for sure...please feel free to email me.....have fun with your paper
  4. Check out the news section at this forum, ton's of info and news articles about legalisation.


  5. (book) history Of Marajuana.htm
    about:blank (book) (book) Church.htm of hemp&id=ddd66ce16b48cd112eaee2ba577f0570

    hope these help.....sorry for any repeats
  6. damn! :lol:

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