I'm disappointed

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. We the people, of grass city are a family. We should be sticking together, not tearing apart, over the lose of a "loved" or "hated" member of the famil We need to stand together, and keep strong, not leave.

    Grass City has been a chill place for you to post since you've been here, so why leave it in it's time of need? If you think something is wrong, simply try to fix it. I say we need to find ALL of the underage posters, and get rid of them, attack the spam as well. Repeat posts should also be deleted, and stricter rules for use of the search button should also be placed.

    When the going gets tough... blah blah, I forgot the second part, but you know what I mean.

    Grass City, clean up your act.

  2. "the tough get going."

    Just finishing the quote for you bro
  3. BAD GC!!!!

  4. I always came here because I know that the majority of people here are chill, and that this is one of ONLY forums on the internet which tends to be fairly drama free. I still feel that way.
  5. it is pretty drama free, until something like this or the last big banning.leaving thing came along. I think that was when motionor someone got banned? You break the rules, you leave. Fair enough to me, hows it sound to you?
  6. This will be calm again in a day or two and we can get back to our chill stoner family once again :smoke:
  7. Fair and simple. I like it.
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  9. I hope so T.B., I'm going to bed, but I'd love to talk to you on one of the 3 popular instant messnager programs if you have any. PM me :) Peace bro
  10. Either way, my uncle once told me, when I asked him of the perdicament; "Well, Caleb, we're still here... we're having fun... so fuck 'em."

    Don't bother letting anyone, for any reason, ruin your good time here, guys.[/quote]

    Has to be one of the best ways to look at it....

    I'll still be around hahaha i hate seeing all this drama and shit that's been starting to come around ehre. I definatly agree there should be some stricter rules, but i also understand that it's hard to keep this place in check with soo many new posts a day...

    I too hope it will be back to normal soon....until then i'll just stay blazed :smoke: and be chill....
  11. That's some of the best advice ever. For life in general.

  12. I look foward to that! :smoke:

    Lets put all this drama to bed TONIGHT and move on.
  13. +Rep. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. The title of this thread is "I'm disappointed" but I'm not disappointed at all. :)

    After reading the drama from yesterday, I gained so much respect for so many of you. I'm going to have to spend some time tomorrow giving out a lot of +rep. Yeah, some things and some members disappointed me but the majority didn't. Most of you represented the City well and showed your loyalty and dedication to it. You should be proud of yourselves. You're true stoners to the end...not just people who smoke weed.

    You're the Blades of the City!!! :D

  15. either you like it or you leave it.
  16. yeah, GC's pretty damn chill still. It's like everyone keeps saying, you break the rules, sorry, peace. Not like you can expect much more than that.

    I mean really, you want the GC grand jury or some shit to decide on all cases of bans/deletion? This is a website, not a country.

    which reminds me, when the fuck are we buying that island?
  17. <3 GC mang. Its where i got alot of herb knowledge and i plan on sticking around pha sho. Met alot of coo dukes along the way pha sho. Shit happens, we are here some ppl are not; guess who's loss it is. I know GC has my back and vice versa. Loading up a kush bowl w/ kief and some bubble hash for the good times that are HERE and MORE TO COME!!!!
  18. Where the hell else would I go, at least at GC we all have one very important thing in common, our love for the ganja man
  19. Forum drama always blows. I hope this goes away soon.
  20. Rastaman was underage I read? Is that true? I find that incredibly untrue, he's too young to have a mature justified view of things. I'm feeling this thread was created because of the other day. We just need people to follow the rules and be a lil more respectful to women and such. I have seen threads with videos of girls dancing in thongs. Most of all it seems to me that the "general" "recreation marijuana use" and the "spiritual and philosophy" sections are where all the problems are happening. If we can avoid those, this forum will be much better than where it is right now.

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