I'm dating a feminist

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  1. So, I started seeing this one girl. I had this huge crush on her for awhile and thought she was just this cute, quiet, hipster girl. I think she's beautiful but the thing that attracted me to her most was that she's unique.

    I go on a date with her. Nothing to big, just grabbing a drink. Well, turns out she's is this ultra-feminist. Not the type where it's about equal rights but the kind where it seems she is really against men. She kept talking about the patriarchy and stuff like that.

    Part of me is fascinated by this stuff I didn't even consider. Another part of me thinks, I'm fucked. I'm going to be constantly going over the things I say or do. I have this worry that I'll never be totally comfortable.

    Do any of you blades have experience or advice in regards to this situation? Am I doomed to fail?
  2. Bro...... It's game over, hit it and quit it.
  3. Smash and dip when she starts bullshitting.. Never failed me
  4. cant stand feminist women honestly. some really are for womens rights or whatever and thats fine but for most its just straight up penis envy
  5. Problem is if I tap and leave, I'm just confirming her belief that all men are jerks.
  6. Prove her wrong, make her need the D.
  7. put it in her pooper

    that is all

  8. Or just confirming her insanity
  9. let her peg you.

    then she cant say her shit about men anymore.
  10. So would a relationship be doomed to the pits of hell?
  11. Does she swallow? If not find one who does
    Life is too short to have to jizz on her chest

  12. I didn't have time to find out. I tried but I guess they frown upon that kinda thing at Starbucks.
  13. Dating a feminist is rather like having your penis trapped in a tight, metal cylinder lined with razors. Every movement, no matter how small or brief, will cause pain and suffering.

    Of course, an "ultra-feminist" might actually slap one of those on your cock, so watch out.
  14. Yea, overly aggressive feminism is about dominating men about as often as it's an attempt to balance out a love of being dominated by men sexually. So remember that's a possibility.

    Are you sure she was a full on man hater though? Just because the word "patriarchy" is sounds scary doesn't mean every woman comfortable with using it is scary. Maybe she's just taken a gender studies class and found it interesting.

    She might also be testing you.. hoping to scare away the unenlightened.
  15. You need to gorilla fuck this bitch everyday and dominate her with your dick.

    That's the only way. And don't change who you are to accomidate her beliefs your just kidding yourself and that would never ever work out, you get mad, lose composure and the real you comes out!
  16. Has anyone here dated a very dedicated feminist?
  17. Just a friendly reminder of what you may be getting into. May God have mercy on you, for she will surely not.

    Why do you think I'm trying to warn you?

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  18. The last one is fucking retarded. Hahahahahahaha!!
  19. I 2nd this motion.

  20. I read the half of the first sentence of that attachment and stopped reading. Thank you, sir.

    ... Is it sexist of me to assume you're a dude?

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