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  1. i got a question about flowering.On a a male people saythey form balls on a stick? Do they always form on a stick or just around each node? Mine has ball type things on them but there not on a stick like thing there just around the nodes.But not all nodes just the top growth node.If any one understands this plz let me know.
  2. sort of understand, lol,
    the "balls" will appear lower down given time. They also will appear in clumps and then at least one will bend over similar to a tiny bluebell shape, once this begins to open then you have pollen produced from it every time you touch/brush against it.....get rid of it!
    A female will begin with "tiny" ball with what appear to be two white hairs protruding out. Check with a magnifying glass to be sure early on. Unless you are going to use the males for more seeds then get rid now! If you want to produce seeds for next season then i would suggest collecting some pollen from the male and deliberately pollenate a couple of the lower branches of the female. Then you will still have plenty of bud to smoke.
    for more in depth log onto and download the growing guide for future reference.
    good luck
  3. Lower down as in what exactly. Around the lower nodes? Cause the balls type thinmgs i got are right below the top growth and i think they do have white hairs coming out but i got bad eyes so im not sure lol.
  4. i just looked at my plant and oin some of the nodes there is a ball with two things protruding out but there not white there like a light green color.
  5. every day abd every night lol
  6. lol
    just wait and will know for definate within the next couple of days..keep praying!
    good luck
  7. Thx for the help mcurry i will cpntinue to hope and pray for a girl . lol

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