I'm crazy...

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  1. :smoke:I am pretty stoned...

    anyways... I was talking to the voices in my head that I guess...at the time thinking that maybe they are actually other people psychically speaking to me...(maybe it was my parents ... I mean... maybe that's possible and i was never told... maybe peeps are afraid of me knowing...ah... but that is such a self absorbed thought...) and me and these peeps got in a conversation...about my behaviors and my psychology...why i think the things I do, maybe how some of my thoughts are unreasonable or based on unreasonable sterotyping and such... and they convinced my thinking paterns can be pretty wierd some time... and this conversation lead me to thinking... perhaps I am crazy... i mean shit these people that are talking in my head...(unless it some sort of psychic communication) they aren't real... (I thought that was kinda funny)

    (the question is...my fear... what if I am getting crazier?)

    Anyways...I'm gonna go finish of this leaf... and watch a bill mar comedy special...some stand up...(hopefully i won't start thinking we're psychically communicating through the TV...that shit is annoying... try to ignore the thoughts but its like they aren't mine to move...):smoke:
  2. your smiley faces make you seem pretty chill about it all but I just had a very close friend go crazy (schizophrenia) so if you're looking for something from someone here, just say so and I can throw some thoughts out there.
  3. Yeah, you sound pretty crazy.
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    It sounds a little crazy but who isn't a little crazy these days?

    Based on your writing, you seem pretty chill and in control.....I'm not sensing much paranoia. either

    I wouldn't worry about it too much for the time being

    So, let it be unles....it starts stressing you out or you become continually obsessed with your thoughts or if you start talking out loud to yourself a lot or if you start getting paranoid (like looking out the window a lot)

  6. haha sounds like internal dialogue. everyone has it, but getting high turn that shit into an Full HD and 3d hyperrealistic and hyperexaggerated experience haha.

    damn the word "hyper" is awesoe
  7. I've gotten really high and thought I was talking to people, i didn't actively think i was talking to people I just zoned out and was like "lolwut" and quit zoning out to laugh at myself.

    im not sure if its a problem.. i dont take it too seriously
  8. I am schizophrenic...I can't be on meds...they make life pointless...they make you jaded, they destroy any creative side you have, any pro-activeness.

    They need straight stone faces...instead of a smiling one...

    Honestly considering i handle it pretty well...one of the keys to being crazy is thinking that unreasonable thoughts are reasonable... Fortunately...while I may dip into the considerations, I have a rather agnostic personality type. (though perhaps not believing anything can causes problems...)

    And shit like that is not so constant...being stoned can make it come out I guess...

    But I do worry that it will get worse, even though for a while now it has almost seemed to be leveling off, or I have found ways of coping. Its kinda like having some bad song playing in the background all the time, and learning to ignore it.
  9. He sounds normal and in-control enough on the internet...but that doesn't mean anything. Hearing voices is a symptom of psychosis. It's not good.
  10. Yeah mam get lithium asap
  11. I can be pretty paranoid, I have gotten good at ignoring it I guess... to a degree

    I is internal dialogue in a way... I guess the problem is when thoughts arise that it is not, almost uncontrollable. The fears that arise that they are actually other people. and the other parnoia that if people can hear my thoughts... should I be carefull about what I think...

    And weed sort of makes it worse...but I am growing to find a form of interest and enjoyment out of the psychodelic experience but then I often find more pleasure in the normal stone feeling I get when these functionings in my brain are distracted by a good media...
  12. I think that is just an anti depressent

    anyways I'm gonna go watch the bill and smoke that stuff...

  13. trapped within the labyrinth of your own mind huh?

    i get that feeling like everytime i blaze. having that feel that i'm stuck forever drowning in delusions and weird thoughts haha. obsessive introspection and stuff
  14. your thoughts are not unreasonable man. they are your thoughts. yours. do not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of them. whatever thoughts enter your head have arrived there for a reason and it is your duty to figure out that reason. ifit is positive? more power to you. negative? fight the power. you have the power. your mind is an incredibly powerful being. yes, a being. open your mind to what you know and want to feel. this is yours. and no one elses.
  15. I'm so happy caus today I found my friends there in my head
  16. Sometime, when I get high, I hear a voice in my head. Then I realize I'm good because it's just my voice. :smoking:
  17. Thing is its not exactly like audible sound it is more like not hearing it but having the talking pop in your head...almost like remembering something yet not controllable...
  18. That's kinda how I work with it...and have been lately at least... but still sometimes I can't shake the feeling or paranoia that I should be careful what I think as if someone is watching my every move... It gets tiresome being afraid to think about how hot some check is and what you would do to her simply because there is a child present...

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