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I'm colourblind, somebody help me identify this please!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ten, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    I can see the crystals on it and it smells like heaven. But I'm colourblind, can anyone tell me if this is dank or mods or whatever just from sight? Thanks :)
  2. dawg thats some straight purple bud, looks like purple kush!!!!
  3. Hrm, let's see, you're colorblind and yet you want to use descriptions like "smells like heaven" and "mods"...:rolleyes:

    Here, let me be as helpful.

    Yes, it's green.
  4. If your being serious ill be serious, the bud looks alright. 6/10
  5. Well I think you've answered your own question...
  6. yeah, all you need to know is its a nice, grass green. Besides that you can tell from feel/its physical features not involving color. I'd say it looks good though, maybe a little fluffy.
  7. Needs a clipping, colorblindy.
  8. Yeah, being serious. Of course I know that it's good for me and I feel its worth the money. Just wondered how high up on the quality scale it is, since I've not had better :) thanks for the replies.
  9. Not bad but definitely needs a trimming.
  10. im also legally colorblind. i can tell its green. when your colorblind you cannot distinguish close colored colors from each other, not not be able to see color.

    your weeds green.

  11. Of course you're legally colourblind. It isn't against the law.
    However, if you research online there are many variants for people who are colourblind. Some can actually only see in black and white. I can see colours, but not all (the optician colour dot tests are usually all one colour etc) but I cannot distinguish light brown and green or dark green and brown. I can't see any extra bits like if the bid has orange hairs or things. It all looks light and unidentifiable to me, but I can see its not something completely different to green or brown, like blue or black etc.
    Basically, I can't identify bud, it all looks the same except for crystals, smell, feel and effect. Only asked with this thread out of pure curiosity for any extra identification :)

  12. :0
    I would trip out if I could not distinguish Green from Brown, Im going to charish my sight.

    Tips on what to look for if you can not see color.
    1.)The more crystals, generally the better.
    2.)U do not have to see the color of the Hairs but if you can find the hairs and see more of them, then generally the bud is better quality.
    3.)Grab a nug, and feel the bud, squeeze it a bit and check the density of the bud, the more dense the bud is, the better the quality.
    4.)One way I check for good quality, is I grab a good size nug(gram/.5) and bring it to my nose, and crack the bud in half. Usually a good cured and strong bud will expel a huge amount of terpens(and smell dank).
  13. Ignore #2 and #3, OP.

    Some of the hairiest bud out there is vastly premature / not grown well. Trichomes are what to look for quantity of, not hairs.

    And there is LOTS of dank ass fluffier bud.
  14. [quote name='"HxCurt"']Needs a clipping, colorblindy.[/quote]

    Clever nickname.

  15. Yeah, I assure you I truly thought I was being clever when I typed that. :rolleyes:
  16. Damn, when will these kids learn? It doesn't matter what it looks like. You can't judge a bud by its look. I have smoked some pretty shitty looking bud before and it has gotten me higher than any of this crystally shit.

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