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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 20, 2006.

  1. Yeah i dissapeared for a lil while without saying anything. My internet had got turned off because i aient payed the bill. Jus got it back like a hour or so ago.

    But shit, Im back ya'll. I had a couple PM's asking where i was n shit. Dont know if anybody else noticed.

    But im back, And boy do i got some shit to tell yall.

    Crazy week. Fucking my boy got shot, I blacked out drunk tuesday, My boys jus got in prison this week. One of those weeks. So ima get fucked up tonight and catch up on times with GC for a lil while.

    Then later tonight going to this hoe down in downtown detroit. Country music but shit tons of drunk girls and jus a exscuse to party. Plus its like barley country music because we in detroit.

    Anyways, IM BACK!!! :gc_rocks:
  2. Welcome back dude, Keep yourself safe.
  3. welcome back homie.
  4. whered he get shot
  5. shit homes, thats fresh.....dont let no fools be dissin you....keep it fresh.
  6. welcome back KSR, i been wonderin where you're at, but never saw you around to ask haha
  7. hey man, you getting drunk? cuz i am! nice to have you back.
  8. Hey man, glad to see you back:smoking:
  9. whats up KSR im triippin on 800 mgs of seroquel and i m very high
  10. In his right foot.

    He aient pay up in time.
  11. Yo man welcome back, how about them Tigers, showing up the Central Division, you gotta be happy about that shit!
  12. What im proud of is the Pistons pulling through last night. I got sloshed in celebration. (I wouldve if they lost too, Hahah.)
  13. some fucker negged me for saying that i was on seroquel..haha

  14. Heh, Fuck that shit.

    +Rep homie.

    But on the fer real, I dont fuck with seroquel anymore. Ive done it, Both popped and snorted. Shit jus makes me fall asleep or get real tired. I rather do shit like tylenol 3-4's, Soma's. Or xanys.

    Edit: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Mr.bubbles again.
  15. well im perstribed seroquel..so you know...its crazy when u get smokin too..whoo hoo i trade it in with weed like 10 400 mgs and ill get a quarter
  16. Welcome back to the GC, dude.
  17. yeye what he said ^ :smoke: :smoke:

    Keep it real...

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