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  1. Lol i havent been on since jun 22 which is when i started smoking kb everyday during the summer after a long probation
    well since middle august ie been sober
    til sunday and yesterday
    heres a lil sunday story
    my cuzin Anna and her husband scott had a family gathering for their one year anniversary
    and we go back to their house at the end of the night and my cuz in law gives me about a gram of some dank blueberry and right before i leave he gives me his bong, theres about a half bowl in there he gives it to me, then he packs a bowl full bowl, big bowl and he said i could smoke it, it gave me like 5 huuge hits.
    so then ana draws me directions
    so i pull out and im like psh i dont need directions im high eveything works. well in 10 minutes i she calls me and i realize that i didnt take the very first turn which is like the biggest thin gone the map
    lol after a lot of yelling i get back on the right path after 10 minutes.
    i was extremely high.

    and well yesterday i made a bong in a bottle, filled it with the last 3 bowl sized nuggets and i was gone
    then i remembered how huge the hits were and the massive ammounts of smoke that i blew so i got paranoid about the smell, so for the next 2 hours im paranoid about smell and the fucker that put me in it in the other room
    all gos well
    except in the process of cleaning i find a lot of black spots on my wall and i realize o thats the wierd smell thats been funkifying my room for a looong time.

    is it safe to sleep in my room?
  2. sounds like possiable mold.. not good clean it up and see if it returns?

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