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    They were guards...I was in Cullman County Jail in Alabama...and that's a notoriously racist county...but aside from them talking to you like shit they were all right...a lot of "Get your black asseses in your cells." But you get used to they might be prejudice but they were also lazy and really only fucked with you or even came into the block when they had to, and when they did you could tell they were pissed that they actually had to work.
    At the beginning it's daunting, I was in the fed block so there was a lot of people who were from prison or looking at a lot of time in prison. It's simple though respect people, and show that you are willing to do violence if you are disrespected. After I established that despite the fact that I'm a well spoken nerd..I will fight you if you attempt to mistake my kindness for was simply boring. Got up at 5am ate breakfast slept till lunch at volleyball when yard, opens, eat jailhouse burritos and drink bootlegged wine made from potatos oranges and butterscotch. Watch TV, Sleep, Read.....mostly I ate, slept, read books, and played scrabble with my celly.
    I seen some crazy stuff, and have more then a few stories that I'll describe when I'm not so stoned...and sleepy.

    I don't think I'd last very long in prison or jail.
    It's crazy ignorant people drag you down to their level really fast...and until you gain respect it sucks because people prey on the weak in there. Hell I got into five confrontations before people started respecting me enough to leave me alone...people get stabbed and shit....but for the most part if you're a decent person with some common sense you can avoid trouble...mostly. But when someone tries you talking doesn't work gotta fight...and fight hard...if you don't it will only get worse. You're an adult no one is going to fight your battles...the only way anyone will get involved is if  you're dealing with more then one person...they don't let get jumped in there...unless you're clearly in the wrong...or you're a child molester. Be a man respect people...keep your word...and don't be too friendly and you'll be alright...but the best advice I can give anyone is don't go. I was especially unlucky because I was in the feds....a short timer amongst people who most likely are looking at dealing with at best two years.
  4. Welcome back man, glad to see you're out of jail safe and without too many scratches. Can't wait for these horror stories though haha
  5. Cullman is like 96% white. I bet the jail was racist as fuck
  6. Yea i wanna hear more stories too, i wouldn't do well in jail, im not a fighter or much of a confrontational person
  7. Welcome back, man. Glad you've come out safe and sound. Nothing in this world makes less sense to me than someone busted for marijuana possession being locked up alongside serious crime. Insane.

    Looking forward to the stories too.
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