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Discussion in 'General' started by Funk-D, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Where have I been? Jail. But I'm back uh yeah....damn this site is confusing as hell now. But yeah....fresh outta sucked, because you know it's jail.....shit.
  2. nice to see ya funk.. whatd you get locked up for?
  3. Funk D is free! Smokin one for you. welcome back :smoking:
  4. What was the food like?
  5. Welcome back dude :smoke:
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    Long story short....I was on federal probation for possestion of marijuana on federal property...I worked on a military base...anyway I failed a drug test and knew I I did what any sensible person would do....I fucking hid until they found me...I had to spend four months in jail to kill my papers....I just got out this morning on my way to get a fat sack now though...word. Oh, yeah food sucked ate a lot of ramen noodles, and cheetos and shit. And got into a few fights because jail is full of ignorant mother fuckers, doing ignorant motherfucker shit.
  7. Did you drop the soap?
  8. I hope you enjoy it you deserve it
  9. I dropped the soap a few times, and I bent down and picked that shit up...gotta wash your one likes that dude in jail who ducks that shower.
  10. well good to see you out.. 4 months aint much but its still 4 months.. any jail time sucks..
    the food aint THAT bad haha.. they just dont give you near enough of it
  11. Was jail like all the shows like lockup and beyond scared straight? Is there really people just getting raped left and right?
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    No rape gay sex was there, but from what I saw it was all consensual. 
  13. welcome back man, and im glad youre out of jail :) i dont know you but i remember your avatar and youre sarcastic comments :D
  14. Welcome back hope jail wasn't too rough on ya. If I'm right, weren't you the guy who had the thread about fictional character face offs and you would weigh in on who would win?
    Like Superman vs. Batman?
  15. That's me.
  16. Just wanted to say that was a great thread and you are cool member so welcome back. If you're on probation I hope your avoiding the green stuff if not light up, I would if I could.
  17. Welcome back :) I did my stint as well (3 months) and it was of course no fun. You will never see so many retards are crammed in one place. Oh reality TV series idea just lit up in my head....
  18. It sucked, but you take what you can out of's really like the free world without all the sugar coated bullshit.
  19. Were the guards nice?
  20. Welcome back. Describe your typical day in jail!
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