I'm back!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.Wiggles, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Hey broz... I'm back after some time off of here! back to hitting herb lately too... Still get relatively uncomfortable highs at times and paranoid feelings but, this time I am adamant about working through it!

    I can't remember last time I've posted..must've missed a lot..
  2. just wait til March, things are gonna be NUTS.
  3. Are we all going up in march? What happens in march!!

  4. GC is gettin' a major makeover, my man.
  5. What's happening in march????

    Nevermind lol
  6. GC is getting a new look and lots of updates/changes are happening.
  7. We will look back at this era of GC as but a minor stepping stone on the path to the perfect online weed community.
  8. We're all gonna be banned.....
  9. Really? It's gonna be changed?

    That is good news... I wanna see the new GC.

    I hope they change the color... right now the color looks like horse shit.
  10. Can' wait til march :)
  11. No mas. Don't wanna anger the GC gods but hey I haven't said anything that isn't out there for everyone to see so.... I'm just excited.
  12. yeah I think we're all gonna be banned too

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