IM BACK YOU MONKEYS!!! (but with all kush)

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    Calling all O.G kush Growers!!!

    This is my second run. I steped my game up. I dropped the seeds and picked up some elite clones from one of the Valleys best medical spots yesterday.
    Im still gonna vegg with the the T-5 on a 18/6 light schedule and flower with a 1000w hps.
    And Im going to test my thumb in hydro with two clones, fox farm soil for medium.

    All the plants will veg for 60 days then Im going to flower them all on the same day.

    I thought it would be a cool idea if folks post up their pics of ogk's in veg and flower. All varieties of ogk are are welcome,...I would like to see bagseed scores, s1's ,Larry's, Bubba, abusives, sfv's, originals, purples, whatever you got . Even if you were told its og and you think its good stuff,..please put those pics up and tell me what it is!!!

    Let me start off by putting up my girls (never-mind the posionberry) it was a gift from a old legend grower.

    My Clones
    2 Larry's O.G kush
    2 pre98 bubba kush (1 in waterfarm)
    2 Purple Kush (1 in waterfarm)
    1 Sour O.G kush
    1 svf O.G kush
    1 L.A. Confidential
    1 Sour diesel
    1 Strawberry kush
    1 '91 chemdawg
    1 Kaia kush
    1 posionberry

    2 XXX O.G. kush

  2. ill be here for the long haul, especially after how nice your last grow turned out.:D
  3. subscribed, looking really good man. wish i could score clones round here...

    +rep :hello:
  4. Wow nice dude . Good luck with them. That's a nice line up.:hello:
  5. Fuckin awesome strains! Good luck, Ill be watching.

    I was always interested in LA confidential. Cait wait!
  6. Nice line up this should be interesting.....Im subscribed.
  7. Whats up everybody,
    I'm glad that you guys came back to check out my upgrade. I really wasnt going to do a thread this grow but when I stopped posting I got so fucking board stareing at the plants not seeing the growth. I decided to post again to look at pics....

    (Unknown strain) has a strong kush smell and sticky to the touch

    (Unknown strain)some kinda hazes



    White Widow 12weeks
  8. good lookin clones bro good luck !!!!1

    can't wait to see these finish
  9. dude, those ARE some elite cuts, im jealous!

    cant wait to see how you grow them, especially the one in the water farm,
  10. nice plants

    have u actually killed 18 people? lol
  11. your so lucky you can get guaranteed strains when that done your going to be like lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaal
  12. Nice shots! They look great :D :hello::smoking:
  13. Hey man great cuts! did you by chance go to NNCC? That is where I got mine :) I am looking at adding more variety to my garden.

    Prop 215 love
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  15. Whasup Nasty!!
    My cuts come from "valley patients". Get there this week man, they have purple kush and about 20 clones of any O.G you've ever heard of.

    Variety is the shit I like smoking diffrent shit everday of the week..(you know) I get bored with one strand.

    Prop 215 love!!!
  16. now you can be like bitch im amazin just look what im blazin eyes so low yeah i look like an asian

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