Im Back, new glass (pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by anarkin, May 6, 2006.

  1. Been a rough while for me, but things are getting better now :) I got a new pipe and 2 new bongs, I need to take pics of the bongs but have pics of the pipe.

    I named it Belle, as in beautiful, the pics don't really do it justice.[​IMG]

    The bongs I got are:

    Spiderman, it's a ceramic bong in the shape of Spidermans head[​IMG]

    and a foot long glass bong, which I have decided to call Cyprus, needs a bowl though.

    Ill post better pics as soon as I get them.
  2. i like the hole in the middle of your spoon
  3. kick ass spoon man +rep
  4. I hope you are better, I am sorry btut can't remember exactly what ailed you, but if you aren't better I will have to kick its ass.

    Nice spoon :)
  5. I have hogkins lymphoma, and I'm done chemo in June (3 more sessions left) but that really hasn't been a big part of my problem, I've had alot of shit go on with friends etc... but things are starting to get better now.
  6. Very unique bowl right there. I like it, espcially the donut
  7. Yeah, the donut is cool, i havent seen a pipe quite like that before.
  8. That's a really unique piece, I think. I can't recall ever seeing one with a hole and a marble in that spot before, plus the workmanship looks excellent.
  9. Anarkin, glad to hear that you're almost done with chemo and that your health is improving!! hope your friend situation gets better, and hope you enjoy that new's beautiful!!
  10. I got the pipe for $20, a steal if you ask me... and the friends thing is all cool now, I got fucked around but now I have two bongs out of it, the bongs were free from my old friends ex who was fucking around with my old gf when we were still dating... so it's cool now.
  11. Now THAT is a SICK pipe. Im tired of seeing ppl buy cookie cutter spoons. Good job on originality.
  12. Added bong pics to main post, thanks for the rep and words of support.
  13. Unfortunately I dont like sucking on spiderman's head.
  14. I love the spoon man..sweet +rep
  15. Cypruss looks like he's been chipped around the downstem :( I'm guessing he isn't new, but new to you?
  16. Both Bongs were given to me from a (old) friends ex. Long story short : they broke up, he fucked my girl, we broke up and I got the bongs cause his ex didn't want to take them to her dorm with her. It is chipped, but it dosen't affect anything other than the look which is good.

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