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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by budguy, May 6, 2002.

  1. Hiya All,

    Once again im back to help out in the grow forums, I was here last year then got Busy with the hydroponics industry, but as winter dies down its not so busy with work any more, so I have talked to SJ and im back to help out some more, If you have any questions about hydroponics growing, lighting, mediums, equipment, nutrients.....or anything at all let me know whether on the boards or in pm I will be sure to get a quick RIGHT response back to you !!

    Just abit about myself, im in Northern Ontario Canada, have been growing the "Good Herb" for almost 9 years both indoors and outdoors, I presently own a Hydroponics store called Northern X-Treme Hydroponics which I registered as a business almost 3 years ago now, we distribute to all parts of canada from coast to coast (some exceptions made to US customers ) If you need help with shopping for the right setup let me know and il certainly steer you in the right direction as to where and what youl need to buy !!

    for now happy growing and good luck on all your ventures !!

  2. I have not said it yet,,but glad to have you back in the grow forums,site got bigger huh,,,,your input of course will be enjoyed....

    Glad to hear that shop of yours is doing well...I have been thinking along those lines myself,,there is nothing in my area for supplies,,,I must go a state away for them,,,which kinda sucks,,so I keep a stock.....area acceptance is the major holdup.....peace,,and welcome to again to the grow forums...


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