I'm baaaaack!

Discussion in 'General' started by VictimlessCrime, May 22, 2010.

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  1. After a brief intermission to get my head straight and a small tour of another site who will remain nameless, I got myself banned for giving away free shit!! LOLZ, oh well.

    This time around I will keep my nose in my OWN journal so if you want/need help come find me in my new journal going up today. i love to help people and I think ya'll know this, I just have a lot going on in my garden right now so I need to focus there first.

    I will gladly help in anyway I can, just ask. New journal will be up by tonight

  2. Who are you?
  3. after reading the first post, i was 100% expecting that response^ hahaha

    still made me lol

    anyway, welcome back

  4. Ahahahah......***** i dont kno u
  5. Unless you're back from the dead with a story to share... this probably belongs in a different section, like 'introduce yourself'. :)

  6. that was for the people that already know me from here or followed me from another site to this one.

    For those of you that dont know me, I'm just a grower, nothing special



  7. yup I got a story but it'll go into my journal, sorry if I put this in the wrong area, I'm not new though so the other didnt seem fitting:smoke:
  8. This. Also how long were you gone for 2 weeks? Cause you just joined last month.

    Idk Im confused.

  9. I am a member or was a member on some other sites. And yes my journal wasnt up very long, I took it down when I left this site.

    if you came in here to make jokes, its cool I have thick skin, I keep forgetting people are judged on their join date and post count around here lol. It's all good.

    just be sure to stop by my journal and make a comment there as well please.:p
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