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  1. Seriously.

    A few months ago my girlfriend would text/call me (I'm a couple hours away at college) to tell me about how she's just not feeling well, has had this bad feeling, and is just generally upset. She told me she doesn't know why it's there, it just is and makes her want to cry.

    A few months ago, ^^, this would happen every 2-3 days. As you can imagine its extremely frustrating for me because I can't seem to do shit to help her and in reality all I want to do is get her back to her usual happy-go-lucky self.

    This had calmed down over the past month or so, the "feeling" only came by a couple times. She describes it as just a "bad mellow" where she's neither happy nor sad, but its not a calm mellowness, if you get me? I try to get her to talk to me about it, she tells me I don't understand and just want me to be there for her and comfort her, but I can only do so much over texts while she's in class and on the phone a couple hours away from her.

    About half the time these conversations end with her even more upset because i'm not being sensitive, which is all i'm trying to be :(.

    My mom and a brother have gone through periods of depression, and it sounds to me like she might be mildly clinically depressed and just not know it, unfortunately due to an unhealthy home situation that I won't get into (i believe). She doesn't open up to anyone but me, and I really wished she would. (not to get her off my back, but because she needs to be able to find comfort close by in life) and her parents rarely spring to take them to the doctor, so I doubt they would for something she might bring up as a self-diagnosed depression.

    I'm kinda just fishing for advice from the community here, anything would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree, she sounds like she is depressed. The whole bad mellow thing, didn't know why she was sad, at least for me (bipolar) - that is how I would describe it. You said her parents don't really do the doctor thing? When I told my parents, it was practically a self-diagnosed depression, and I had to attempt to explain it to them. Then they were willing to get me into the doctor, I think I got in 3 days after that.

    In the mean time how often do you see her? You could try visiting her for a weekend or whatever, that could help things out. I'll never forget my now ex - she drove 2 hours to come see me after work, totally out of the blue. I still smile about that one lol.

    Keep us posted :)
  3. Not related to post at all, but where in NC you from?

    Good luck with situation man!
  4. At the beginning of the school year I would see her every other weekend, but since she started getting upset I see her as often as I can. On the rare occasion she can come see me she will, but usually I just go back to my home town to see her...pretty much every weekend now.

    And I'm sittin in Boonetown Sk3y
  5. I'm really sorry to hear about the situation. I think it's important to just keep your intentions positive, as those are what are reflected further on down the road. :) I'm sure you've been trying your best to stay positive, and really that's what you have to maintain. Have you tried talking with her parents?
  6. I'd give you more rep, but I have to spread it around.

    I agree 100%

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