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  1. Every year, it seems like I get more and more apathetic and it's weird because I'm the only one I know who's like this. I'm also a loner because I just like beig alone most of the time, and when I am around people I'm skeptical of them, and so anxious that sometimes I can't even formulate responses or conversation. It sucks, but part of me is content with how I am, but j do get lonely when Im not at he movies, or hanging it with sometime just to talk and all that.

    Now, I think I'm a realist, not a pessimist. Bu my mom says I'm hard, and can be mean but I don't agree. I just think people always want to hear what they want to hear instead of the truth, and I don't bullshit with people. I tell em the truth. But I can be a huge asshole a lot of the time, especially today, when I ignored my BF calls and pretended not to notice them. There's more to the story, but idk...I just feel stuck. I've ignored friends, I've dropped them, Etc. I used to be nice to a certain extent until people took advantage of it and took my kindness for granted.

    Anyone else kind of hard, or have a tough exterior? I feel like I'm the only one out there!
  2. Hey, some people love assholes.
  3. I'm sorta the same way... I feel detached whenever I'm around people.. Except I feel like it's more them then me.. Like they aren't being themselves they are some one else but won't show it.. But I mean.. I do have friends but I'm the quiet one.. Used to not be like like that but ever since high school started that's been me. In middle and elementary school I was extremely outgoing..
  4. i kinda feel ya.

    i wonder what it could be.

  5. I'm pretty sure your not the only one. My older bro is kind of like that. Especially back when I had to live with him and he was in his high school years. He was a total grouch. I mean to the fullest.
    Personally, if you want to get better socially and just all around, keep your realist personally and thoughts a little to yourself. Tell them when it seems fit, because not everybody needs to always know the truth. Yes, truth can be good, but sometimes it can get people down at times. Like my brother, can make you look like grouch at times. I think the basis of this kind of stuff is apathy, which you said you have. I know that smoking weed can cause apathy, so just go on a small haitus on it if you smoke daily or weekly.
    But then again, I'm only an occasional smoker and Marijuana affects people differently
    Hoped i helped
  6. I say dont apologize for who you are....go with it.
  7. I really don't know. As far back as I can remember, Ive always had one friend that I hung with exclusively. But all that being hard and stuff, that came later on. But the funny thing is I don't want to change it, I just wish people would accept it, and not question my behavior all the time. Like asking me why I'm so quiet. Cause, shit, i dont feel like talking! If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me that...

  8. be like, i'll tell you for a dollar.
  9. I dislike how distant everyone is upon first meeting. I blame it on the rise of the internet.

  10. Sounds like you just gotta find some friends who accept you for who you are. :confused_2:

    I don't have the asshole problem, but I do have the loner problem.
    I just don't like hanging out with other people all that often. I hang out with my husband all the time but besides that...

    I mean, if someones having a BBQ or a small get together on the weekend then I'm usually down for that. But on your normal average day when I'm sitting here on the computer or sharing a bottle of wine with my husband or just watching TV or something, and one of my friends calls... Honestly, I ignore it probably 95% of the time. :p

    I don't even want to answer it because I know the inevitable question is going to be "what are you up to? Wanna hang out?"
    And it feels rude to be like "naah... I'm not really doing anything, I just don't feel like hanging out with you right now." :hide:

    Most of my friends I see maybe a few times a month. Sometimes I'll go for weeks on end without seeing certain people.
    The cool thing is, most of my friends are completely okay with that. They understand that sometimes I just don't feel like hanging out. And sometimes even when I am hanging out I'll just suddenly feel the urge to go home and be anti-social, and I may just up and be like "hey I'm gonna go now, peace out".

    Just gotta find the people who will understand that, I guess. :poke:
  11. I'm definitely a realist. Not that I enjoy bursting people's bubble
    but sometimes there's no room to sugar coat the blind.

  12. Dude I am the exact same way. Like, what you just wrote described me exactly as how I would describe myself if asked. It's almost scary man haha Btw classic name man
  13. Some people are assholes, some people are pussies.

    But they both get fucked by dicks.
  14. sleeepy? pp? haha that rhymed.

    To op life is full of assholes, you are not alone. You can hang out with my brother, hes a dick.
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    Yeah threads like this bore me :laughing:
  16. Then why post? :confused_2:

    Obviously the OP is looking for some feedback, there's no reason to reply just to say that you're bored by the thread. ;)

  17. Do you even have to ask....

    It's because "I'm an asshole"

  18. Congratulations, you're unique. Just like everyone else.
  19. Oh shit!!

    good one. you are kind of. :D

  20. Oh I'm just teasing. I don't know. Besides like the original poster said, he feels like he's a blunt asshole so I mean...I feel obliged to reciprocate the sentiment in the politest way possible :p

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