I'm an addict.

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  1. Well, as hard as this is to type: fuck it, why not. I'm high, I don't care.

    All of this shit started in '09, and I got clean for 2 1/2 years, and I got back around this shit, again. So, where do I begin really?

    My drug of choice has never been canna, and probably never will be. The high I'm talking about is so much better, in every way. Sure, I've lost friends, and a lot of them from this shit, but goddamn: it's good. There isn't anything else that I've found that makes me feel this way. My job definitely adds to the stress & availability of the shit, although it's literally everywhere. I broke my left femur in 3x places in a wreck, so you know where it started. I've lost friends, family, you name it, all because of this drug, yet I can't seem to leave it alone.

    It's crazy that a derivative from a natural sap can really fucking get you in this situation. If I could post pictures of my drug of choice, or even say the name, I would. I'm sure y'all can figure this out.

    Surely I'm not the only one who has ever been in this situation, judge me if you'd like, but it really won't matter lol.
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  2. What? Stick to Cannabis. It's not a fiendish drug.
  3. Well, no shit. Some people aren't happy with just canna.
  4. I wouldn't be happy without canna either. I need Cannabis.
  5. I don't need any of it, I choose to use it all lol.

    Both plants have been used throughout history by all civilizations.

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  6. Can relate to NMZ, I get why people want to be numbed out. I enjoyed the clear-headed, non-psychedelic high that gave me more energy, motivation and optimism. But it came with the price of being a slave, and potentially paying the ultimate price and being found all cold, blue and purple. Fuck that.

    It's like that chick with the thunderpussy who you can't stay away from even though you know it is going to end in a train wreck. I wish there were more alternatives to weed that could be grown that would make me feel the same way. Weed is pretty close and I love it, but tbh it isn't the perfect drug. I actually prefer to be more clear-headed, yet lifted and energetic.

    Since I'm 100% into edibles, I get a lot of psychoactive component. High CBD strains don't do much for me either.
  7. I don't use needles, and I know when to stop. I've lost too many friends from an overdose to go out like that, although it would be an easy way to go out.

    It's the perfect high, there is no other way to describe it. I love it. You're absolutely right, it's that bitch you can't stay away from. She's such a bad bitch, all around. I've got years into this shit, and I wouldn't say I'm tired of it, yet.

    I'm waiting on this dude to call me back and tell me he's straight as we speak lol. Fuckkkk

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  8. Bro Try to remember one thing
    It is dam near impossible to overdose on Cannabis
    I too kicked pain pills the Docs had almost Killed me with.
    Pain management use to push them like candy
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  9. NMZ
    You need to be the one to say " I'm done "
    and never look back
    It will get you in the end
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  10. That's where I started out, over 350 a month, from 2 different doctors. Then, a guy that works for me gave me a bag, and I fell in love.

    I have so many good pictures to post, but I can't lol

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  11. I don't know why we have to speak in riddles considering the subject of the forum is illegal in most countries and federally in the states.

    Like Stiggy said, cannabis won't kill you dude. Iv'e been prescribed M*****ne but have had it sitting there for the last year as the last thing I need is an addiction on top of all the other shit.

    I hope you can get some help, there is a way out if you have the will dude
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  12. I swear, it makes no sense we can't come out and say it.

    I've never done any fuck shit for it, never will. I got my own money, just with a habit lol.

    Morphine sucks, that shit is weak!!!

    Everyone has a drug of choice, mine just happens to also be a derivative of another natural occurring plant lol.

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  13. We don't have to speak in riddles, but I'm trying to be respectful of the rules of GC. I get their reasoning, maybe they don't want to turn this into another Erowid-like site. What's the point of posting something when the mods can delete it and/or ban you?

    Everyone can dabble in whatever substance they want, legal or not, but you have to accept an element of risk. To me whenever you are taking an unidentifiable recreational substance of unknown origin that has passed through several hands, it is a risk not worth taking. Esp. with the black market supplies being corrupted with synthetics which are 100 times more potent and much cheaper. 33,000 opioid ODs in US last year, over 50,000 total ODs. Marijuana was not on the list of deadly drugs and never will be.
  14. person: "you seem so innocent! hard to believe you ever did those things"

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  15. Okay so opiates? yeah I've done most everything in my youth and I wouldn't touch that shit again if I had a gun to my head.

    Haven't done anything like that in years. Got surgery a few months back and doc prescribed me oxy I went through 60 10 mgs in less than a week. Ppl who have done it don't believe me say I should be dead but I was given anti nausea medicine and I guess never in your life will your tolerance go down...I guess . I fucking HATED how it messed with my personality. I was such a whinny little betch that week.

    I will never forget the first time I tried hard opiates though it reminds me of that slc punk scene where they are having the acid trip on the bench and they feel like they are on fire.

    Your brain tricks you into thinking that you like it when really does ruin you. But everyone is entitled to live however tf they please so if thats your thing get after it.
  16. most time when ppl die they are mixing with other stuff often trying to get off actually
  17. Yes, I'm all too familiar with how it works. I'm not talking about pills, they were easy to walk away from, when I got clean for 2 1/2 years. This, not so much. The craving and relaxation of this is simply fucking amazing.

    Not from the coca plant either. I hate powder, and I've never smoked. That's one thing I refuse to do. Fuck no. It's just not a fun drug, for me at least. I know a lot of people that do it.

    A lot of people die from the needle too, but yeah;my friend overdosed 3 days ago from mixing those damn blue benzos(I never liked them either. If I wanted to feel like that, I would smoke some brick weed). I'm glad I pulled up when I did. Her mom was just standing there, said she had been like that for 10 minutes, that it would be a lesson to her.....i done what I had to do, then addressed that remark. Piece of shit.

    What I don't get: Why am I and others in the same situation stigmatized so harshly? Nobody, except the ones that know me & work with me know my secret, aside from this post. I've met so many, literally 100s of people, from this side of drugs, that are amazing people, and would give you their absolute last dollar, shirt, or room in their homes. I have 2 that work for me, and have for years, and they're both sober as can be now, since 1/1/17.

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  18. We should be able to talk about whatever, whenever. Imo.

    FE is like anything else, it has to have a lot of moderation, and you have to respect it. I've used the dark web a many of time. It's good, it's just not for everyone. Most people don't know when enough is enough, and too much is just that.

    I'm a cautious person, I use 1 person from each state I'm in. I'm not one of the people that just go to multiple, sometimes random people.

    The truth is:we all have a drug of choice. The question then becomes, who are you to judge me because I enjoy my shit, like you do say cigarettes & a case of beer, or 5th of liquor. "Because it's legal" isn't a logical answer. Not directed toward anyone, that's just the main argument from most people, you know?

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  19. I hate the subject matter. It's killing way too many people here in the USA. People end up becoming completely evil and greedy and will steal, hook and do all kinds of nasty shit for it.

    However I think it should be legal and government subsidized so a dose is a dollar. Weak doses for newbies and stronger ones for addicts. Newbies can only buy twice a month. In Switzerland they have legal use for serious addicts and they function fine and have jobs without becoming too much of a scourge. Will they ever do it here? not sure too many big rehab companies and law enforcement that needs a battle for their salaries.

    The system we have now is not working. Why is our government protecting fields in Afghanistan? Are gang members in the military bringing it back? Is the CIA involved?
  20. It is, but it's all by design. You have to do the drug, instead of letting it do you.

    Truthfully, we should all be allowed to cultivate canna and opium poppies, no questions asked. In its raw form, opium is one of the safest drugs, that's been used long before people started writing shit down.

    No, they won't do that here. Why would they? Then they can't keep us holding the crown for the world's highest %age of incarceration. Their design has worked, and worked well. I'll give them that much. Every inmate and addict = more $, that generalizes a stigma for everyone to point fingers and generate more revenue. It's sad.

    Why wouldn't they be? That's the cash crop!! The writing has been done, they've been caught for the past 50+ years of protecting the shit, and soliciting ways for it to be turned into its most addictive and amazing bitch that she is.

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