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I'm almost in tears, due to my stash :'(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PincyPot, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. dude it honestly looks like someone crushed up leaves from a tree and mixed it with some reggs i wouldnt smoke it if i were you that cant be healthey.
  2. god damn, im so glad i live in cali

    i havent gotten any bud that wasnt picture worthy, except for once, and i paid $40 for a quarter
  3. Looks like it's mixed with damiana. Why would you agree to buy that for that price?!
  4. i dont pay for it man

    it comes regular, you know?

    and theres nothing else up for grabs. Got something in the works with a friend but i know its gonna be damp as hell...atleast its 100% pot tho
  5. are you sure thats bud dude? it looks like some wood mixed w/ lawn clippings lol
  6. i know, tastes like shite aswell.

    Got a new batch in...sprayed, ill try get a decent photo
  7. o wow dude.. im not gonna lie.. me n some buddys wanted to make some money last year. so we pulled some ditchweed out the ditch n ran it over n let it sit out in the sun for a couple days. and thats what it looked like man. the first picture u posted sorry ta tell ya. get a new dealer. or talk to him about it. he might not have bad weed after all maybe he's just doin that to you to make some extra money like i did. im done with all that now tho. dont rip ppl off either that was just that time. just be like man i kno ive been gettin this for a while but i kno its not worth it n im sick of paying for it n im simply not going to anymore. see what happens. if he tells ya ta fuck off then im sorry but at least ya dont gotta smoke that huh
  8. No it doesn't - it looks like damiana.
  9. i know i know, it is so so bad, but put yourself in my shoes, get this shit, shift 6 for 2 for myself or nothing. I smoke every day man, i need my tokins.

    Theres not much i can do.

    Went to buy some ak47 seeds earlier, 5 fem for £21, but a friend tells me thats too cheap to be true....?
  10. and that white stuff on there is mold
  11. id just not buy it. then hopefully he'll get better shit. id rather not be smokin than smokin that. unless it gets me high. but it wouldnt with my tolerance. if it takes ya 5 bongs tho damn..i smoke alot of weed but it dont take that much lol. i also smoke good weed tho. only really takes like 2 hits but i like the occasional blunt to the dome
  12. well 2 bongs would be nice.

    Its expensive and its shit
    and its expensive cause its shit, i smoke a lot of this.

    growing is the way forward, so many negative replies has made me motivated lol, im just gonna get on with it.

    Gonna call my friend who grows, he'll help out
  13. :smoke:there is clearly a load of tobacco mixed in with the weed and poor stalky weed
  14. Holy fuck that looks like a bunch of horse shit. You poor thing, you need a new connect. I can't believe people even sell shit like that. I'm spoiled living in South Florida because we get dank on the regular here but sweet merciful jesus, that's horrible OP :/
  15. funniest thing ive ever heard in my entire life xD
    hello new siggy
    xD if you dont mind that is
  16. The small chunks of bud look ok. But in that pic there is a SHITLOAD of choppped leaf. You cant get high off that stuff, may aswell chuck it away and just keep the bits of bud.
  17. That is honestly the grossest thing i have ever seen called weed.

    I would look for a new dealer. 5 bong hits to get high? Get looking for that dank dude
  18. I have progress!!

    So lucky, i recon its due to me posting this thread :p

    day i made it my friend comes with cheese and jilly bean.

    today another friend comes with some big bang seeds, and the friend from the other day took £20 from me to get some Jack Herer from a city 200m away on his visit. This shit never happens to me...ever!

    Seeds are in water atm for 24 hrs :D
  19. dude he did that to make it way more tell that fag u aint workin for him if he gonna do that shit and to op sorry about the "bud":(

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