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I'm almost in tears, due to my stash :'(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PincyPot, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. #1 PincyPot, Jan 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2010
    Im almost in tears. I've been looking over this topic and some of those pictures....!!!!

    I get some real bad bud regularly, honestly, not even bud in most peoples eyes.
    I'm gonna keep posting pictures of the shit i get, i need opinions! Is this shit actually safe to smoke?

    Different thing altogether, serious!

    sorry for the image size

    This stuffs not too bad compared to usual. Smells a little sweet, a weird way, like a granny perfume sweet, but not overpowering.

    The stuff in the picture weighs 1.3g. Really not the worst at all.

    I'm pretty sure its mixed with some sort of herbal high cause theres some purple/red leaves, not like cannabis leaves at all, maybe explains the smell.

    £25 for 3.5g.
  2. Doesn't look to appetizing but look at it this way YOU'RE GETTING HIGH AREN'T YOU!
    cheer up n happy tokinn man
  3. Looks like some regs to me. What's wrong with regs?

    All I used to smoke was fact I still prefer to buy regs cuz it lasts me so much longer. I can either get 7g of regs or 1.5g of dank....which one will I choose? lol
  4. first of all, if you want an expert opinion on that budd, you need a better quality picture, second of all Granny Perfume smell? dude find a new dealer lol or grow your own
    and number 3 on the list
    well its not like we all havent smoked a granny pannty bud from time 2 time
  5. Oh dont get me wrong, i appreciate the bud i get, but when its all you get all the time and all you can get...this is a large issue my friend. As for getting high, i do need to fire about 5 good bongs to feel stoned, and this is bad when you dont know what your smoking.

    I sure you can all appreciate after a while of smoking you want to smoke some nice bud.

    I yeah, guy who prefers it, i totally get you cause i agree from time to time, but everyone has a special occasion where you would pay even far above reasonable just to get a nice high.

    I should grow my own, i'm going to buy my second lot of seeds very soon.
    This is the only place i can get my smoke. It really is scarce around here.
    I should go amsterdam, but funds are short.

    My bud is always mixed with something. As i say, this stuff isnt bad, but ever had curry weed? or weed that tastes and smells like seasoning?

    I am in a bad situation, for at least a couple of months til i grow my own.

    I'll try get a better image.
  6. lol dude, in the past quarter pound that my dealer fronted to me, i have found about 35 cents, in random change, a couple Pebbles, and little bits of cut up me i've found sum weird stuff in my weed 2, and as for being scarce, you dont know what good weed scarcity is like until you have come to West Virginia in the US.....these rednecks think they can get away with charging an arm, leg, testical, and kidney stone just for an 8th......

    oh yeah , probably the coolest thing i've found in my bag, was in a bag of really dank sticky icky smelly shit, and i got to lookin really close to the buds, and i notice, OMG, theres a seed....
    and this seed looks like some african jungle striped tiger seed or something so i pulled the bud out that it was sticking to, and who would've thought
    it was a Honey Bee that apparently got lured in by the sweet smell only to be trapped in Trichomes.....
    True beauty in a bag
  7. hahaha, now thats somethin else.

    Yeah, i suppose your right, its not too bad, the green i get. But is it safe? I smoke this shit every single day, have done for a good couple of years, i really should get it tested properly or somethin some day cause the majority of it is what we call designer bud;

    Dry bud, which is well sought after for us, bright green, smells ok, but burns like food. Burn it in a bowl and it comes out solid and as 'shmere', if you get this stuff on you it will spread all over the house. Oily like stuff.
  8. Time to track down a new dealer. Had rubbish stuff for ages and ages. Found a new guy and it's constant eye popping shit now! :hello:
  9. well thats lucky i guess...I cant find a new source. I believe its simply not possible where i am!
  10. fuck man, if you can't get a good dealer, grow your own!
  11. cheer up homie!
  12. I'm sure there's plenty of people in your area smoking some bomb! haha

    Go make more friends that smoke?
  13. DUDE that looks like tobacco mixed in there?
  14. Damnnn. I haven't seen bud that looks like that in about 2 years!

    The epitomy of regs haha well it's better than nothing, right?
  15. yeah i know man its bad!

    We're all missing the point here though, yeah its better than nothing by far but iv spent a lot of money on this shit over a long ammount of time!! I'm not moaning, just sayin, look...this is shit weed.

    and if you think this is bad i have more for you! Ill keep updating. some comin tonight so ill post
  16. Man.... Quality over quantity im my opinion, Id tell your buddy thats hooking you up to get some better bud!! :)
  17. maaan, he wont pay for anythin else cause hes tight and lazy!

    i am gonna buy some seeds very soon, have a cupboard ready to go
  18. Looks like kinda low-regs to me, too much brown stuff for just regs. WTF are those pink threads? Were they in with the weed? I don't like the look of those, ask your dealer.
  19. Not to rub it in or anything, but around my parts dank is about all you can find.

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