I'm Addicted to this Weed Forever.

Discussion in 'General' started by DaRafsta, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I've been consistently high every one of my waking hours for a good three weeks.

    I feel no tolerance.

    I'm naked except for a pair of sweat socks on my feet as I type this.

  2. you're gonna notice the tolerance soon enough lol. keep up the good work tho :D:smoking:
  3. That is the most random shit I have ever read.
  4. I dont see the problem
  5. If you ever stop smoking or slow down your habits I will come get you.:mad:
  6. I'm addicted to weed forever.


  7. i wanna be where this guy is at. he seems high as fuck
  8. naked and high -

  9. Forreal dude.:smoking:
  10. Yes the tolerance is not fun. I remember the days where I would take a hit off a bowl of mids, cough my brains out, and be high as a kite.
  11. that sounds great and may be an accomplishment
  12. I'm FINALLY sober. Maaaaan.
  13. We need more dedicated people like you :devious::smoking:

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