Im About To Work My First 8 Hour Shift Ever, Will It Be Hard To Get Through?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dillinger, May 23, 2013.

  1. I work at a drive thru convenience store, and for the last 3 weeks I've only worked 4 hour shifts, with someone else present, but now they trust me enough to work completely alone for 8 hours, and close the store myself
    Can you guys give me some tips on making it through it? Im kinda nervous
    I wish I didn't have to do it by myself for 8 hours with no break

  2. Working 8 hours with no break is against the law.

    But the number one tip for speeding through your work day is to keep busy. If you're occupied, you're not looking at the clock.
    This is really good advice. Looking at the clock will make everything drag. Stay busy, and if there isn't enough busy work and they're cool with it bring a gameboy or a book or something.
  4. Yeah I work 5 8s every week gonna switch to 4 10s. Ive worked waay longer shifts though. Dont even think about the time I just think about random shit all day and it goes by fast err day.
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    In the US, there are different labor laws for convenience stores. 
    You still have to be allowed time to eat and use the bathroom, and smoke if you're a smoker, but they don't have to give you the standard two-fifteen minute breaks and a half hour lunch for 8 hours worked like most other employers.
  6. Well they consider any time that a car isn't coming through a "break"
    but there's usually other stuff to do in that time period, like fill the fridge in the back, or the freezer, or clean up etc
    So there will be times where I'm not really doing anything
    The worst part about it is that I was trained at a different store, and I've never been to the one I'm working at today, so things might be a little different so it could be kinda stressful
  7. Stay busy and you'll be fine.

    I usually zone out, enter my own world of thought, do my work, and then the eight hours have passed.
  8. I used to work at this nasty place, they'd keep you up to 12 hours for a PART TIME shift! And FUCK them if they won't give you a break. Legit just go there and start working, it wont be any different than your other shifts, except you'll probably leave a little more tired than normal. Nothing a J or 2 can't fix  :smoking:
  9. If you like to read, bring a book, read a magazine, dick around on your phone.
    I'm not sure what a drive through attendant's responsibilities entail, but when I worked at the gas station, it was like... an open one so we had other responsibilities than just manning the register....
    I can't remember the last time I worked less than an 8 hour shift. :laughing:
    You'll be fine. :)
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    The best thing you can do is smoke a bowl on your lunch break to help get you through your day!
  11. Dont stress dillinger...You got this man... :D ...
  12. How old are you man? u will have to work at least 40 hours a week for life lol
  13. Welcome to the rest of your life OP. Have fun!
  14. I'm 20
    This is my first real job
  15. Hey me too ive been working since I was 14. If u just accept work as a part of daily life you can make it somewhat enjoyable and time will pass fast.
  16. Dude I'm not in any way trying to put you down. I mean this as Sincere advice to a friend.

    DON'T call this a real job! Go get some school man. I know you can do better than gas station clerk.
  17. I work 8 hours on Sat. & Sun., I'm an SPSS so to make my day go by quicker is to interact wit alot of people and try to sell as many Smart TV's as I can. Stayin' busy is key but I have alot more freedom than tha people I work wit so if I don't feel like walkin' around I'll sit in tha Magnolia Home Theater section and play around on my phone lol
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    I've done it a few times before without a break. But at the time we could eat whenever we wanted to (no customers) so it wasn't too bad. Like people have said ignore the time. If you work on a pc stick some blu-tack over the clock in the corner because its an annoying distraction lol
    8 hours is like a normal work day though lol i'm just talking about without a break
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    I dunno work kinda sucks but I've done 8 hours many times before if you're like me and smoke a lot of weed you can kinda just fantasise and daydream your way through it.   My advice however would be to just quit and go and play the sitar in a forest with a blunt in your mouth.
  20. Sounds like a sick job.  I worked everyday 8 hours for a summer on a golf course raking sandtraps and cutting grass.  I just took it slow.

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