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    Judeo-christian follower of all eastern philosophies.

    I was asked by a professor to tell the class my religion. It's a philosophy class, so many people would have had the same answer, which wouldn't have included the words "christian," "jewish," "muslim," "hindu," "buddhist," etc - so the professor immediately said that he wanted us to try, try our hardest, to classify with the major world religions and through that say what we were. that was hard for me. i came up with the above answer. i'd like to say, for those who don't know, that i am of no religion. but, that was my answer. just incase nobody knows, a Judeo-Christian (as it originally meant, originating during jesus' lifetime) is a jewish person, who follows the old testament, that also follows jesus' teaching and believes he is the messiah (but follows nothing after that, unlike a christian). So, the reason i gave my answer: Well, first off, my mother is jewish, my father, roman catholic - so my upbringing has a lot to do with it, even though we weren't religious. I don't follow religion, but i started identifying more with judaism over the years, then Catholicism (in my younger years), only because if any of the writings are true, its the old testament... everything after it is gibberish (though it all may be). in addition, the majority of my "spirituality and philosophy," is influenced HEAVILY by eastern thought, religion and philosophy... so, if i had to classify myself in brute, western terms, i'm a Judeo-Christian follower of all Eastern thought, religion and philosophy:D
    ...again, i don't label myself or identify with any of these, so don't give that answer... you are FORCED to give an answer somewhat like mine. and if you are christian, just write "christian." ya dig?

    what would you guys have said if you were in this class?
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    a former christian, went to christian high school.
    had 2 manic episode this year trying to prove god
    then 2nd i proved to myself

    so im: a believer in love can heal all over time
    btw i like the jesus story even if its bs, just assuming

  3. lol, i am now labelled "bi-polar," for pretty much the same reason.

    but! while you're answer is something like i would have given, it wasn't an acceptable answer to the professor... he wanted us to try and classify our beliefs... mainly because i think he knew none of us wanted to
  4. I'm a nothing. :p
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    bi polar ya thats it lol, meh

    ya. god doesnt make appointments, god hits you in the head

    like god and satan arnt bi polar, lol
  6. lol, thank you. i was like "i'm not taking medication because i'm happy sometimes and sad sometimes... i think they call that normal"

    i dont think my professor would of liked any of these answers though haaha
  7. i take lithium, weed for anxiety or xanax for anxiety
  8. im an intellectualy militant guy...
  9. i dont what i got to sleep during the episode, but it was strong, knocked me out, woke up still manic, still manic now, just not having an episode, you kno

    ya, im about logical reasoning with the applied idea to the environment, mania, who isnt
    bout to blast off, call it rocket science
  10. yea they gave me lamictal (aka lamotragine) instead of lithium, but i stopped taking it.

    I keep my klonopin prescription though:D i actually do need it though, which kinda sucks. but weed is my cure-all

    yea, manic-episodes are rare for me... but i spent $1200 in 2 days the last time i had one... lol
    but i'm manic very, verrry often... and i kinda like it
  11. my first was trying to prove god through the bible,
    my second i prove god doesnt exist logically only as an idea,

    but mother nature, father time, love, and hate exist
  12. My religion also can not be classified but if I absolutely had to I would say that I am a Rastafarian, because it is the only religion that I have seen which could potentially encompass all of my beliefs. Truthfully though I just believe in the Father as the Guidance/Creator Mother Earth as the Nurturer, and us as the children. And I give credit to any religion that preaches love compassion and truth
  13. I'm a Pisces but I rather be a killer whale.

    Naa, for real though. I am somewhat of a deist, I believe in God, but I don't practice Christianity or Islam, etc like I was before. I also believed in the Tao, Satan, wanted me to master Yin, he claimed if you master yin there is no need to master yang. And that you would be able to accomplish anything, just by having the mind for it. Now I am somewhat of a existentialist, in a negative way, we were born for love, life started off good, but it spiraled down, and now there seems to be the lack of love, these days, due to the confusion. And now there seems to be no point to life, just existing to exist, then we make peace with the world by death.

    I'm taking Risperidone, for psychosis, I'm transferring over to Abilify though. a voice told me I should be taking Abilify, with Lithium, and something else, I forgot. But I don't think these are voices from my imagination, I don't think I have the capacity for that, they must be coming from an outside source. Like when a voice told me, that Libra was the sign of a dog, I later found out, that Libra, in the Chinese zodiac, is the dog. Now some might think that is a coincidence, but in all honesty, I doubt that. I've had many so called coincidences, but I don't want to make this post any longer, so yea.
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    abilify! ahhhhhh noooooooo that f me up bad

    im on zyprexa + lithium + weed

    i was on anti depressant when i had my 2nd episode, so anti depressant worked til this point. another episode. its like restarting your brain, finding yourself again, start anew

    but this 2nd experience episode was the most emotion ive ever felt at once, super awareness, i thought every1 could hear me confess my sins through telepathy. it was all me fighting with my subconscious, lol, guess who won? the pills that put me out, lol

    my life is one big coincidence
  15. I'd say I'm a non-dual Jew. Most people would call me a kabbalist, but I'm uncomfortable with that term, seeing as I'm nowhere near as wise and close to God as the master kabbalists through history.
  16. Ares I must say you fascinate me. I often hear of you speaking of some other life or a deep interaction with what I assume to be a spiritual realm and I can't help but wonder where your information comes from. You obviously can teach me something so if you have a thread elaborating on your experiences, don't mine making a thread elaborating on your experiences, or just take the time out to have a convo with me elaborating on your experiences I will be extremely appreciative.
  17. I am an agnostic atheist.
  18. agnostic means "without knowledge"...."without knowledge whether god exists or not"....so what you say you are, you are a contradiction....
  19. I'm tired of explaining this so...


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