Im a vape noob

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  1. What's the similarities/differences of smoking a vape compared to a bowl or blunt ?
    Like taste ? High ? Harsh on throat ?


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  2. Better taste, better (more creeper in my experience) longer high, hard to tell you're getting a hit so it can really surprise you
    Not harsh
  3. On the whole would you say it's better than smoking a blunt / bowl ?

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  4. I like it better yea

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  5. Change smoking to inhaling a vape. When using a vape, you inhaling the vapor and if you smoking then you not using the vape right.

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    Vaping is a lot less harsh on your throat and lungs. When you smoke or combust, you are inhaling a lot more toxic chemicals. You also save quite a bit more money when you vape because you don't have to use as much herb. It's a much more efficient method for ingesting.
    One of the more recent public figures to endorse vaporizers was Dr Sanjay Gupta from CNN.  Here's what he had to say about vaporizers: 
    Reddit users were also curious about ways of taking marijuana.
    Question: “What is the best method of ingestion in your opinion?”
    Dr. Gupta: “It is probably vaporizing. I think smoking creates a lot of byproducts that we don't know enough about. I think eating it leads to very uneven absorption. Vaporizing seems to activate the medicine without burning it. I also think oils absorbed in the mouth are effective, especially for kids.”
    This seems to be a pretty good article about the benefits of vaporization over combustion if you wanted more details:
    I'm not a doctor but I feel much better when I vape. I have completely stopped smoking because vaping just tastes and feels so much cleaner. 

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