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I'm a sad panda...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AllCityKing, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. a few days ago I picked up a brand new bong, yesterday was the first time I smoked out of it, and today while I was cleaning it the slide popped out and broke. It was a percolated slide with a 14.5 mm joint. How should I go about obtaining a new one?
  2. Go to a "store". There they will exchange "goods" for "money".
  3. go back to where you bought the bong from?



    ffs - have you not got a brain???
  4. How should I find out what length to get and what not?
  5. Bring your bong with you to the store.
  6. measure the one you broke with your penis, then take a photo of your penis and take that into the store with you - mark on the photo where the slide came up to and thrust it into the shop attendants face

    or you could just measure the one you broke

    we're not dealing with a genius here are we?!
  7. Measure it you moron.
  8. Are you fuckin kidding me dude? Take the broken one and see how long it was before it was broken. Take your bong to a headshop. Do anything
  9. this and the "how do I use a lighter without burning myself" thread just saddens me
  10. Measuring the one I broke isn't much of an option, its in 20 or so pieces. As far as bringing in the bong is it really the best idea to drag a resonated piece into a shop?
  11. [quote name='bnug']Go to a "store". There they will exchange "goods" for "money".[/QUOTE

    :laughing: This had me rolling. It's so damn simple.

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