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im a noob what can i say?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by juniorgong, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. okay so the first few times i smoked i got it from a friends sister but tomorrow im getting shit from another friend... whos getting shit from a straight up ghetto drug dealer. now the kids i smoke with are afriad hes gonna lace it. and i read the forums saying they wouldnt its a waste but ive seen kids do it and sell it like that AND wouldnt the dealer spray it with shit to get us hooked and make us come back? :confused:
  2. i wouldnt worry about it

  3. Like what?
    your not going to get hooked on any drug just by using once if you don't even know what drug it is. Besides you would see said drug in the weed..
    Thats just something they told you in health class to scare you out of buying weed...
  4. idk theres lots of really addictive drugs out there that u can lace it with.. what would i look for to make sure it isnt?
  5. i think long as u not getting schwag you should be ok believe it or not the hoods have alot of good dank bud just don't schwag reggie project weed
  6. Even people who smoke crack usually don't get addicted the first time
    Just make sure the weed is just weed, you would see anything else in there...
  7. Dont worry about it :)
  8. Just look for weird things in the weed. Smell it and see if it smells chemically or not. Taste it and see what you taste. Make sure the crystals aer actually hairs and connected to the bud and not just free floating. Dont ever tell the dude your getting it from that your new. What ever price he gives you bump it down 5,10 dollars the first couple of times and say that it isnt worth the price hes giving.
  9. oh i just said i wanted to buy a dime. but w.e ill just inspect it and then smoke it
  10. Or take a macro picture and post it up here.
  11. ohhhh good idea thats what ill do if i suspect anything thanks brah

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