Im a nice guy but shes not in the dating mood?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by bobmaarleyfan, May 12, 2010.

  1. Well I told this girl I liked her...
    she said .. what the thread is called.
    what do I do? should I still try get her?
    is this girl code for she doesnt want me?
    or does she genuinly not want to date? IDK :(
  2. probably means u should move on dude.
    or if ur brave u could try to make a move, but theres a good chance ull get shot down. guess it wouldnt hurt to try tho. some girls just dont like to date
  3. generally,

    being called a nice guy is bad

    someone "liking" you is cute, another bad thing

    you're doomed

    pull some coolness out of your ass to save yourself
  4. Ask her if that mood comes around once a month.
  5. rape brick*
  6. i would tell her to fuck off. If she dosnt realize what your worth and dosnt understand that life is short and if she expects you to beg for her love then dont.

    Dont devote anymore time/energy to that cause. Dont think about it. Step away from her life and let her realize what shes missing. If she dosnt then shes not very smart and dosnt need you anyway :D

    Best advice i can giv u
  7. Move on dude. It means you got yourself stuck in the "friend zone".
  8. It was either your appearance or personality. Better luck next time.

  9. This made me fuckin laugh. :D

    Dude u need to tell her u arent in the dating mood either. Say u are in the fuckin mood. Then whip out your dick and start strokin. She will love it.

    Seriously though, thats pretty lame. Sounds to me like u got shut down. Move on to the next. After a while u will get used to rejection and it wont bother u so much. THEN u will start gettin your noodle wet. :)
  10. I was being serious :|

  11. Thats what makes it so hilarious.
  12. fuck dating bro, ask her if shes in the fucking mood

    friends with benefits is better than a gf anyways, stop crying, call the wambulance

    there should seriously be a Dr. Phil thread on GC....
  13. It's just a bullshit excuse, she was "too nice" to just say, "no thanks, I'm not interested in you that way".....
  14. LOL

    I bet she even emphasized the dating bit in that sentence

    "You're a nice guy but I'm not a dating mood"
  15. ROFL. haven't heard wambulance in forever.

    just man up and be smooth, don't be the shoulder she leans on, be the opposite.
  16. girls are always in the dating mood if they are actually attracted to you...sorry bro.
  17. Sounds like girl code for you're a nice guy but not my type. I feel bad saying it so straight forward, but I think we've all been in your shoes before.

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