I'm a dumbass...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Numbers, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I'm about to be a college freshman, which means my friends live with their parents, as do i.. So a friend of mine's parents were out of town.. He had parties every night of that week.. So one night i came over to smoke.. I'm at my house, getting my little travel pack all together, making sure to get everything.. I pull my stash out of its spot and start to throw it in the bag i have my bong in.. My bag was on the bed, i drop the stash in a close the bag.. I leave my house, drive the 10 min to this kids house.. I get out, open up my little travel pack outside of the kids house.. and MY WEED IS GONE!!! Where the hell did it go?!? I look all in my car and in that bag about 35 times! i freak out and even imagine that i dropped it in my house.. meaning my rents could find it.. I drive back home, run inside.. Parents are like.. "Eric, what are you doing>?" I make up a story about forgetting my wallet.. i look around the house and dont find a damn thing.. maybe the dog got it, maybe the rents already found it and were just waiting.. So i go back to this kids house, and i'm freakin out... I pull into the EXACT spot that i was in the first time.. i get out, look down.. And there it is.. right under my feet.. I am a DUMBASS.. I shrug it off and go have a good night! :smoke:

  2. hahahhaha that sounds exhilarating hahahah
  3. Classic stoner moment;)

  4. ahh, i hate when i have things on my lap and i get out of my car.

    dropped my friends bowl like that, but it bounced and i caught it before it hit again. whew.
  5. ...I agree, you are. Lol nah bro. Just typical pothead behavior. ;)
  6. Lol Ive worried about the same shit, then I find it and im just like oh... duh.
  7. Haha. Lucky fucking man :)

    Glad you found it though.
  8. glad you found it. once i was holding a bag for a friend, and when i got out of my car, the wind took it. couldn't find it for shit... :( oh well, some stoner needed an eighth more than us that day i guess.

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